Integrated Blockchain Solutions

Klever is the low-code integrated blockchain platform that empowers businesses and individuals to unlock the full potential of the decentralized economy and harness the power of blockchain technology.




Low-code Development

Revolutionary low-code approach makes building and deploying decentralized apps simple with a user-friendly interface. Access decentralized finance and its opportunities with ease.

Cheap Transaction Fees

Klever Blockchain offers cost-effective transactions with low fees, perfect for businesses of any size. Perform secure and fast transactions without high fees cutting into profits.

Advanced Security

Multi-signatures provide advanced security, requiring multiple approvals for transactions to be executed. Protect against hacking and unauthorized access.



Create decentralized solutions using pre-built smart contract templates and modules. Klever framework simplifies blockchain integration with user-friendly interface & customizable templates.

Create NFTs

Anyone can create and deploy NFTs on Klever Blockchain, no technical expertise required.

Create Tokens

Anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can create and deploy digital assets within seconds on the Klever blockchain.


Powerful NFT royalties’ system lets creators earn on the sale and resale of digital assets via smart contracts. Automatically track ownership, transfer and distribute royalties.


Robust staking system for supporting the network by becoming a validator. Lock up KLV tokens and earn rewards by validating transactions and securing the network.

Decentralized Marketplaces

Powerful feature for creating secure and reliable NFT marketplaces using smart contracts and decentralized storage. Buy, sell, and trade NFTs with ease.

Advanced Dev-Tools

Efficient development with browser-based extension, mobile interface for creating, testing and deploying smart contracts.


Klever Blockchain is inclusive and accessible to all. Validator program allows anyone to participate, earn rewards and help secure the network by validating transactions.


Quickly execute transactions in seconds with Klever. Low-code development framework makes building, deploying and managing decentralized apps easy for any business size.


Designed for Developers

The Klever Blockchain SDK is your ultimate solution for building decentralized applications with ease. Whether you are a frontend or backend developer, the Klever Blockchain SDK has you covered.

  1. Installation

$ npm install @klever/sdk

With support for popular programming languages such as JavaScript, Go Lang, and .NET, the Klever Blockchain SDK makes it easy for you to start building your next big idea. Visit for more tutorials or join our dev channel on slack.

2. Create Account

//import the sdk
var sdk = require("@klever/sdk");

//create a new klever account for klv and kda tokens
var klvAccount = await sdk.utils.generateKeyPair()

//check your private key and address

3. Make a Transaction

import { Account, TransactionType } from "@klever/sdk";

const payload = {
  amount // The amount of KLV to be transferred
  receiver, // The address of the receiver
  kda: 'KLV', // The symbol for the KLEVER token or your token id

const privateKey = "yourPrivateKey";

const account = new Account(privateKey);

await account.ready;

const broadcastRes = await account.quickSend([
    payload, // The transaction payload
    type: TransactionType.Transfer, // The type of transaction is a transfer


With support for popular programming languages such as JavaScript, Go Lang, and .NET, the Klever Blockchain SDK makes it easy for you to start building your next big idea. Visit for more tutorials or join our dev channel on slack.


Blockchain is difficult, but it shouldn’t be.




Use Cases

Developers, unleash your full potential with Klever Blockchain! Experience the power of our platform and its advanced security features, low-code development framework, and customizable smart contract functionality.

Whether you dream of creating the next big decentralized marketplace, revolutionizing supply chain management, or streamlining financial transactions, Klever blockchain has the resources and capability to turn your vision into reality. Join us and see your ideas come to life!


Klever blockchain can be used in a variety of ways, including

Optimize supply with end-to-end traceability, reducing costs and boosting efficiency.



Say goodbye to intermediaries and enjoy secure, fast financial transactions.



Ensure privacy and security with our decentralized identity verification system.



Transform healthcare data management, keeping sensitive info secure and accessible.



Modernize government services and make them more accessible and efficient.



Simplify property management and ownership tracking with our innovative solution.



Ensure fair democracy with our secure and transparent voting systems.



Optimize charity management and ensure accountability with Klever Blockchain.



Track energy consumption and production in a decentralized and sustainable manner.



Streamline rights and royalties management in the music and entertainment industry.



Protect creators’ rights by tracking intellectual property rights with Klever Blockchain.



Optimize logistics and transportation, reducing costs and improving efficiency.



Improve land registration processes and make them more efficient and transparent.



Enhance game assets and virtual currency management, fostering gaming innovation.



Transform online shopping with secure and efficient e-commerce transactions.




Klever Incubator

Maximize your blockchain capabilities with Klever – the innovative platform connecting the dots between startups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs to bring new blockchain and AI ideas to life. Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur, or enterprise, Klever has the tools and services to simplify your blockchain journey and drive innovation.



Klever, the premier blockchain platform, empowers users to effortlessly interact with the blockchain, unlocking its vast potential. Experience an array of innovative products and services, streamlining your journey in the world of crypto.

Join the revolution today!


Securely manage the leading cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, KLV, KFI, TRX, XRP, and LTC, all from your smartphone with Klever Wallet. This user-friendly platform is the ultimate choice for both novice and expert crypto enthusiasts.

Klever Wallet


Optimize your crypto journey with Klever Extension – your ultimate tool for seamless digital asset management. Enhance security, accessibility globally

Klever Extension


Elevate your crypto security to the next level with KleverSafe, the Klever Hardware Wallet. With its sleek design, quick setup, and offline private keys, you can trust your digital assets are always safe and secure. Upgrade now!

Klever Hardware Wallet

Trade, buy and sell Bitcoin, KLV and many popular trading pairs with ease on Exchange. With low fees and a user-friendly interface, navigate the crypto market with confidence. Start trading now!


Discover the future of digital ownership with Klever NFT’s NFT Marketplace. Explore a vast collection of unique NFTs from top artists and creators, and own a piece of the digital world.

Klever NFT



Stay up-to-date on all things Klever Blockchain with Kleverscan. Our powerful explorer offers real-time data and detailed information, making it easy for you to explore and navigate the Klever blockchain.


Join the world of turn-based RPG and crypto with Devikins. Use crypto tokens as in-game currency and breed your own characters to battle against others. Experience a new level of gaming with Devikins.




Create and manage digital assets with ease on Kustody. Our user-friendly platform offers high level security for seamless management of your blockchain applications. Join now!


Klever ID

Simplify and secure your online presence with Klever ID – the digital identity platform of the future. Authenticate and authorize users with cutting-edge technology, and take control of your digital identity.


“The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”

— Satoshi Nakamoto, Creator of Bitcoin.


Featured Videos

Learn more about the Klever Ecosystem and visit us on our YouTube channel




    Klever is a trusted gateway for blockchain and the emerging decentralized economy, by providing a safer, faster and smarter cryptocurrency experience for all users to enter and thrive in this new decentralized economy. Guided by an integrated and dynamic thinking, Klever blockchain platform allows users to have access to countless products and services that are indispensable on a daily basis, including crypto wallet, currency swap, web browser, exchange, staking, payment channels and more.


    Klever Wallet is more than just a standard non-custodial wallet. It’s an easy-to-use platform with an advanced user interface, designed to make managing your crypto assets a breeze. With Klever, you get access to a wide range of services and features that are hard to find in other wallets


    Klever Blockchain is the new smartcontracts 2.0 -> KleverChain

    KleverChain, the Klever Blockchain, has all smartcontract options natively build inside the blockchain. This way developers saves time to build smartcontracts. We call this KApps.

    • KleverChain Apps (KApps) are on-chain applications developed by Klever Finance.

    • KleverChain offers pre-built and ready-to-use apps and functionality native to the blockchain, not merely a smart contracts platform.

    Examples of KApps are Klever Digital Assets (KDA), Staking, NFT Marketplace, Initial Token Offering (ITO), Multisig.

    More KApps are being build native in chain to offer more options for developers to use safe and secure smartcontract option native in chain.

    Here’s a quick overview of the key KleverChain blockchain benefits:

    • Low-cost development of decentralized applications (dapps).

    • Dapps are built directly on the blockchain without requiring intricate or vulnerable smart contracts to be written or used.

    • With an easy-to-use interface and development time savings, the blockchain comes pre-built with features ready to use. Saving on both time and budget!

    • Support from a large, growing global community. A community that demands new solutions and applications for the blockchain that will continually evolve.

    • By adding an additional service charge to your project, you can enhance your profitability.

    • API’s that are ready for use to facilitate integrating and developing new solutions.



    KLV coin in the Klever main utility token – $KLV

    KLV is used for all transaction fees, validator staking, validator rewards, delegation, minting and transfers assets on KleverChain. We are confident that having KLV as the main utility token for all primary activities on KleverChain in addition to all our existing products, platforms, and services infuses credibility, accountability, flexibility and independence for Klever and its users worldwide.



    You can buy $KLV in the Klever Wallet app you can using Buy Crypto providers to purchase KLV directly with your credit card or debit account.

    Currently we have Simplex, Moonpay, Mercuryo, Banxa and Transak as payment provider to buy crypto directly into your app account.

    You can also buy it on the top exchanges below:



    Klever Exchange


    MEXC Global






    ProBit Global



    The Klever Finance Token – $KFI is the Klever Blockchain Application governance token.

    $KFI token holders have complete control over the apps protocol configuration (like application fees and referrals) and approval of new apps using an on-chain voting system.


    Are you a developer interested in building on KleverChain? Visit to explore our integration options and learn how to enhance your crypto asset development experience.


    You can find all documentation and Klever whitepapers on:

    Please check and read those whitepapers for all the info you might need.