KleverChain Virtual Machine 
Build Lightning-Fast dApps


Get ready for a new era of smart contract development. Experience unparalleled speed, security, and developer-focused tools on KleverChain.


Why Klever KVM Matters

Klever KVM addresses the challenges of blockchain development with a laser focus on efficiency, security, and intuitiveness:

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KleverChain's Power Unleashed

Built on our cutting-edge consensus architecture, the KVM delivers blazing-fast smart contract execution speeds. This empowers developers to build more complex, resource-intensive dApps that perform seamlessly on KleverChain.

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Security at the Core

KVM's isolated environment and strict execution protocols enhance security for both developers and users. Potential vulnerabilities and external dependencies that affect other platforms are less likely to trouble KVM-based smart contracts, giving the community even greater peace of mind.

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Developer-First Design

The TestNet launch underscores Klever's commitment to fostering a vibrant developer ecosystem. Intuitive SDKs, a streamlined Visual Studio Code extension, comprehensive documentation, and ongoing support pave the way for effortless onboarding and productive development experiences.

KVM TestNet: Your Launchpad

Start Building Today

Build, deploy and Invoke smart contracts, test out different deployment methods, and experience the KVM's potential firsthand

The Road to Mainnet

KVM Mainnet Launch: Q3 

Get ready for a new era of smart contract development. Experience unparalleled speed, security, and developer-focused tools on KleverChain.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I build on the KVM?

Building on the KVM opens doors to lightning-fast Smart Contract execution, top-notch security, and seamless scalability. You'll enjoy efficient transaction processing, robust data protection, and the ability to grow your decentralized applications effortlessly.

2. What programming languages does the KVM support?

Currently, the KVM supports Smart Contracts written in RUST. This powerful language offers a high level of performance and safety. Stay tuned for future updates as we expand our language support to cater to diverse developer preferences.

3. How can I access the KVM TestNet?

Accessing the KVM TestNet is easy! Simply visit our TestNet environment to explore and interact with the KVM. Create an account, dive into the documentation, and start building your Smart Contract today!

4. Can I deploy my own smart contracts on the TestNet?

Absolutely! The KVM TestNet provides a sandbox environment for developers to deploy and test their Smart Contracts. Utilize tools like KleverScan to deploy your contracts, interact with them, and refine your applications for optimal performance.

5. Are there any limitations on the TestNet?

The TestNet is designed to mimic the mainnet environment while providing developers with a risk-free space to experiment. While there are no real transaction fees on the TestNet, keep in mind that it's for testing purposes only. Additionally, TestNet tokens have no real-world value.

6. What development tools are available for KVM?

We offer a range of development tools to empower your KVM journey:

7. Where can I find documentation and tutorials for KVM development?

Dive into our comprehensive documentation and tutorials to kickstart your KVM journey:

  • KVM Docs: Explore the depths of KVM with our detailed documentation.
  • Tutorial Videos: Watch our video tutorials on Smart Contract development, deployment, and more on our officiaYouTube channel.

8. How can I get help with KVM development?

We're here to support you every step of the way! Connect with the KleverChain community, ask questions, and get assistance:

  • Forum: Join the discussion on our forum to interact with fellow developers and experts.
  • Community Slack: Engage with us on slack for quick responses and updates.

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