"Trust is what we power through our blockchain technology and expertise."

Klever is a blockchain technology designed to offer a public network for decentralized applications. KLV is the native cryptocurrency of Klever blockchain, which is used to build and secure smart contracts. Founded in 2021, Klever is maintained by Klever Foundation a non-profit organization.

Discover the Revolutionary Klever Wallet

At Klever.io, we are driven by the belief that managing digital assets should be effortless and secure for everyone. Our groundbreaking solution, Klever Wallet, embodies our dedication to simplifying blockchain technology for daily use, delivering unparalleled experience in user friendly and secure digital asset management. .

No-code for Non-Developers

Build, secure and deploy decentralized applications with Klever blockchain technology, the easy choice for non-developers.

Empowering Finances: Simplifying the Blockchain Landscape

Build, secure and deploy decentralized applications with Klever blockchain technology, the easy choice for decentralized solutions.

Revolutionizing Digital Asset Management: Security, Simplicity, Experience

With an emphasis on security, simplicity, and an unparalleled user experience, we are redefining the boundaries in digital asset management.

We are a gateway to the future of financial independence.

Our team of dedicated professionals are relentless in innovating and refining the user experience, keeping Klever Wallet at the cutting edge of the blockchain revolution.

2,800 + Active clients

10,670 +Transactions Daily

We are Klever.io, your Blockchain Wallet Hub!

Three Years of Wallet: A Decade of Dedication

Klever.io marks three remarkable years of the Klever Wallet, a journey fueled by a decade of unwavering dedication. In the early days, our vision was clear: to forge a financial system that's open and accessible to all. As discussions around decentralized self-banking grew and peer-to-peer technologies advanced, we saw an unprecedented influx of capital into cryptocurrencies and public financial systems. This shift in the financial paradigm crystalized our vision for the crypto wallet of the future.

However, we quickly realized the technology needed to bring our vision to life was yet to be developed. Undeterred, we embarked on a mission to build from the ground up, adhering to our stringent security standards. Klever Wallet was born out of the necessity to address two pivotal challenges in the crypto world: ensuring impenetrable security and offering a seamless user experience. Our latest innovation, the K5 version of the KleverChain wallet, is a testament to this commitment. It elevates blockchain transaction security and user-friendliness to unprecedented heights, setting a new benchmark in the crypto wallet landscape.

What is to Be Klever?

Be Klever is to master your financial destiny.

It’s about having your money work for you, propelling you to the forefront of savvy investors, just like many in our Klever Team. This philosophy is grounded in pursuing long-term goals with determination and insight.

What is to Be Klever?

Be Klever is to nurture positivity and growth.

It means embracing optimism in every situation and avoiding negative criticism of team members or the community. This approach is about engaging in community conversations with humility and a wealth of knowledge.

What is to Be Klever?

Be Klever is to continually advance your personal and professional frontiers.

It drives us to enhance our lives, to evolve not just as professionals, but as human beings, constantly pushing the envelope of what's possible.

Global Collaborations

Klever connects you to trusted providers worldwide. Buy crypto, simplified.

Your Only Limit is You

Your Only Limit is You