How to use Klever Blockchain SDK

Klever Blockchain SDK is your ultimate solution for building decentralized applications with ease. Whether you are a frontend or backend developer, the Klever Blockchain SDK has you covered.

2. Create Account

					//import the sdk
var sdk = require("@klever/sdk");

//create a new klever account for klv and kda tokens
var klvAccount = await sdk.utils.generateKeyPair()

//check your private key and addresss

3. Make a Transaction

					import { Account, TransactionType } from "@klever/sdk";

const payload = {
    amount // The amount of KLV to be transferred
    receiver, // The address of the receiver
    kda: "KLV", // The symbol for the KLEVER token or your token id

const privateKey = "yourPrivateKey";

const account = new Account(privateKey);

await account.ready;

const broadcastRes = await account.quickSend([
        payload, // The transaction payload
        type: TransactionType.Transfer, // The type of transaction is a transfer


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is KleverChain?

KleverChain is a layer 1 blockchain platform designed to offer a seamless, secure, and scalable foundation for decentralized applications (dApps) and digital assets. It also aims to simplify blockchain technology for developers and users alike, making it more accessible for everyday applications.

Start building dApps easier, faster and with more efficiency on the Klever Blockchain. Its low-code platform significantly reduces the necessity for extensive blockchain expertise, making possible developers at any level to get involved without delay. The Klever Virtual Machine (KVM), an advanced Layer 2 solution, accelerates the execution of smart contracts, ensuring your dApps run smoothly and with minimal fees.

Yes, developers with varying levels of expertise can create and deploy dApps on KleverChain using the KVM. The platform’s low-code environment and comprehensive documentation support developers in bringing their innovative ideas to life with ease.

Discover comprehensive documentation and in-depth Klever whitepapers at and Dive into these resources for detailed information and insights about everything Klever has to offer!

The KleverChain ecosystem offers comprehensive support to developers and businesses with whitepaper, detailed guides, Klever Insights on YouTube, and a dynamic blog for the latest in blockchain technology. Our forum promotes collaborative idea sharing and dApp development, constantly updated to showcase KleverChain’s innovations. For immediate assistance, our 24/7 support team is always ready to help. Join our community to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation

KLV, symbolized as $KLV, is the primary utility token of KleverChain, used for transaction fees, validator staking, rewards, asset delegation, minting, and transfers. Its widespread use across Klever’s platforms and services ensures credibility, flexibility, and independence for both Klever and its users globally

$KFI, the governance token of Klever Blockchain Applications, qualify its holders to govern protocol configurations such as application fees and referrals, and to approve new apps using a decentralized on-chain voting system.