From our dedicated team at Klever, we bring you a rundown of our weekly progress across all platforms. We’re excited to share with you the accomplished updates, ongoing projects, and future goals.

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<img src="platform progress update.png" alt="">

Klever Wallet – Enhancements and New Features

Our Klever Wallet is now fully integrated with the SUI network, making it more versatile than ever. Additionally, we’ve implemented analytics and translation features, rectified bugs, and made overall improvements.

The Progress and Future of Klever Wallet

Looking forward, we are focusing on expanding to the APTOS network, adding more translations and analytics, integrating Wallet Connect, and establishing a new buy crypto flow. We also look forward to welcoming Paybis as our new crypto provider.

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KleverChain – Ongoing Improvement and Expansion

KleverChain saw substantial updates this week. Specifically, we successfully implemented the Mainnet 1.6.2 Update, which included enhancements to the Operator CLI Visualization. Consequently, this update provides users with a balance shortcut, options to claim all buckets, and introduces new transactions.

KleverChain: Platform Progress and Next Steps

We aim to continually improve and innovate. Plans are underway to further enhance the Operator CLI Visualization, and we’re developing custom Kapps and the KleverChain VM, slated for release in late 2023.

<img src="platform progress update.png" alt=""> – Platform Progress for a Better User Experience saw layout improvements and enhanced security this week, providing a better user experience. Furthermore, we added Italian language support, catering to our global user base.

Upcoming for

We aim to integrate with Klever Kustody and KOS to enhance the deposit and withdrawal flow. Also, we are gearing up to launch a new Liquidity Pool KLV/USDT and add Hindi language support.

KleverSafe – Greater Compatibility and New Features

In terms of KleverSafe, we expanded our support to include Cosmos-based networks, making our platform more versatile and accommodating to various cryptocurrencies.

What’s Next for KleverSafe’s Platform Progress?

We’re committed to continually expanding our compatibility. Substrate-based networks will receive support from July 11, followed by a promotional sales campaign. New coin support, specifically for APT and OKX, is on the horizon, and a new firmware version for updates will roll out soon. Lastly, we will introduce FIDO2 support by the end of August.

Our commitment to growth and improvement remains unwavering. Therefore, stay tuned for more updates, expansions, and platform progress across all our services.