Buy & Hodl campaign on and get rewarded with KLVWe are thrilled to announce our latest initiative – the Buy and Hodl campaign for KLV, kicking off 9 November 2023 on This isn’t your ordinary token sale, that is to say, with the Buy and Hodl campaign, you’re not just purchasing KLV, you’re supporting the Klever Community, and we’re here to reward you for it!

What’s the Buy & Hodl Campaign?

It’s simple. When you buy Klever Coin through Buy and hodl campaign, you commit to holding onto your tokens for a specific period. And as a result commitment, we’ll reward you. Not only will you receive KLV, but you’ll also receive a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that signifies your participation and your reward tier.

Why a NFT?

The NFT serves a dual purpose. It’s a symbol of your commitment and also an emblem of the reward that awaits you. After the agreed holding period, you can redeem your NFT to claim your KLV rewards.

This NFT is your golden ticket, so look after it with care and use it to redeem your rewards after your agreed holding period expires.

Reward Structure:
We believe in incentivizing long-term commitment. Consequently, the longer you hold, the more rewards you get.

  • Hold for 3 months: Earn a 15% reward
  • Hold for 6 months: Boost that to a 20% reward
  • Hold for 12 months: Maximize your reward at 30%

Token Allocation

There’s a total of 20 million Klever Coin available for Buy and Hodl campaign, divided to cater to all types of investors:

It’s an opportunity to grow your KLV holdings significantly by just letting them sit and flourish.

Join the Buy & Hodl campaign and get rewarded with KLV and a NFT on