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Learn how to backup your crypto wallet to keep your investments safe

Are you using Klever Wallet to store and manage your cryptocurrencies? If so, it’s essential to create a backup plan to avoid the risk of losing your investments in case of device loss or theft. Therefore, this guide shows how to backup your Klever Wallet in simple steps, ensuring your private keys remain safe.

Why Should You Do It?

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As a non-custodial app, Klever Wallet doesn’t have access to your private keys and personal information. Therefore, your crypto investments are safe and secure on your device. However, since accidents can happen, and devices can get lost or damaged, it’s crucial to have a backup plan in place. By creating a backup phrase, you can restore your Klever Wallet on another device or recover your funds in case of device loss or theft.

How to backup your Klever Wallet: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Open your Klever wallet app and go to “Settings.”

  • Click on “Backup Wallet

  • Follow the instructions to view your Private Key or Seed.

  • Securely write down the Private Key on a piece of paper.

Remember to keep your Private Key or Seed safe and secure at all times, as they are crucial pieces of information. Furthermore, don’t share it with anyone, as it can give them access to your funds.

Backing up your Klever Wallet is a simple and quick process that can save you from losing your cryptocurrencies. Therefore, follow this guide to ensure your crypto investments are always under your control, giving you peace of mind. Just remember to keep your backup phrase safe and never share it with anyone.

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