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We are excited to inform our users about significant updates coming to Klever Wallet. As we phase out Klever Wallet K4, including the shutdown of Swap V1 and other services, we highly recommend move your portfolio to Klever Wallet K5. Moreover, the K5 version offers enhanced security, a superior user experience, and innovative features to manage your crypto portfolio efficiently. Stay tuned for these important changes and enjoy a more streamlined and secure crypto journey with Klever Wallet K5.

Klever Wallet K4: Important Service Updates

Shutdown of Swap V1 and Other Services

We would like to inform our users that Klever Wallet version K4 will have some important service updates in the coming weeks.

The Swap V1 service within the K4 app will be shut down on May 30th. Additionally, the “Referral”, “Buy Crypto”, and “Browser” features will be disabled on April 18th.

Claim Your Referral Rewards

A 7-day Window to Claim Rewards

For those users who have earned referral rewards, there will be a 7-day window to claim them, starting from April 10th. Additionally, after this period, the referral rewards claiming feature will be disabled.

Need Help Claiming Rewards After the Deadline?

Reach Out to Our Support Team

If you would like to claim your referral rewards after the 7-day window, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at support.klever.org. We are always here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Migrate to the Innovative Klever Wallet K5

Enhanced Security and User Experience Awaits

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible services to our valued Klever community, we highly recommend our users consider moving their portfolios to Klever Wallet K5, which boasts superior security, an improved user experience, and a seamless crypto portfolio and swap experience.

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Why Klever Wallet K5 is the Superior Choice

A Comprehensive and User-Friendly Crypto Solution

Klever Wallet K5 is designed to be the ultimate user-friendly and comprehensive solution for all your crypto needs.

Some of the key features that make Klever Wallet K5 stand out include:

  1. The ability to easily buy crypto with a credit card, starting with as little as $30.

  2. A secure and instant swapping feature without the need for registration, KYC, or selfies.

  3. Access to your favorite Dapps and Kapps through a secure and compatible web3 browser.

  4. A self-custody crypto wallet that allows you to maintain complete control over your cryptocurrency.

  5. Staking options for POS blockchains to earn passive income via Tron, KLV, KFI, DXB and more to follow.

  6. A native web3 marketplace for a seamless shopping experience with crypto.

By offering these innovative features, Klever Wallet K5 provides users with a more efficient and enjoyable way to manage their cryptocurrency investments.

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Q: How can I migrate my portfolio to Klever Wallet K5?

A: To moving your portfolio to Klever Wallet K5, simply download the app on your Android or Apple device and follow the in-app instructions to set up your new wallet. Additionally, import your existing wallet by entering your recovery phrase, and your portfolio will be migrated seamlessly. Watch this video to learn how or read this article to understand the process better

Q: What will happen to my existing portfolio on Klever Wallet K4?

A: Your existing portfolio on Klever Wallet K4 will remain intact. However, we highly recommend migrating to Klever Wallet K5 for an improved user experience and access to our latest features, such as Swap 2.0.

Q: What if I need help claiming my referral rewards after the 7-day window?

A: If you need assistance claiming your referral rewards after the 7-day window, please reach out to our support team at support.klever.org, and we will be more than happy to help you.

Q: How does Klever Wallet K5 make buying crypto more accessible?

A: Klever Wallet K5 allows users to easily and securely buy crypto using a credit card directly in the app, with a minimum investment of just $30. This makes it simple and affordable for anyone to join the world of cryptocurrency.

Q: What makes Klever Wallet K5’s swap feature better than other platforms?

A: Klever Wallet K5 offers a secure and instant swap feature without requiring registration, KYC, or selfies. Consequently, this hassle-free approach makes it more convenient for users to trade cryptocurrencies directly within the platform.

Q: How does Klever Wallet K5 improve the browsing experience for blockchain projects?

A: Klever Wallet K5’s web3 browser is fully compatible with multiple blockchains, allowing users to access their favorite Dapps and Kapps in one place. Furthermore, this eliminates the need to switch between different browsers, making it more convenient and efficient for users.

Q: What benefits does Klever Wallet K5’s self-custody feature provide?

A: With Klever Wallet K5’s self-custody feature, users can maintain complete control over their cryptocurrency, manage their private keys, and enjoy greater privacy by not having to provide personal information or go through KYC processes.

Q: How can I earn passive income with Klever Wallet K5?

A: Klever Wallet K5 offers staking options for POS blockchains, allowing users to earn passive income by holding onto their digital assets and participating in the maintenance and security of the blockchain network.