Klever Finance Token (KFI)

In the digital age, user security is crucial. KleverChain ensures this with the Klever Finance Token (KFI), enabling community governance. Therefore, KFI holders can vote on key decisions, enhancing platform security and transparency. This empowers users and developers to create a safer and more innovative blockchain ecosystem.

What is Klever Finance (KFI)?

On KleverChain, the Klever Finance Token (KFI) represents community governance.

Klever Finance Token (KFI) is a transformative utility token that serves as the driving force behind the KleverChain ecosystem. KFI enables community governance, attracts innovative developers and fosters a competitive, decentralized app development environment for inclusive decision-making. Additionally, token holders influence application fees, referrals, new app approvals, blockchain updates, and platform modifications. By joining the KFI governance community, holders gain voting rights and become eligible for app rewards in KLV. Consequently, this incentive structure motivates developers to create quality apps and engage with the community, enhancing KleverChain’s user experience and value. With its diverse utilities, KFI will revolutionize blockchain, creating a more connected, innovative, and secure future.

The utilities of Klever Finance Token (KFI) within the KleverChain ecosystem

  1. Community Governance: KFI enables token holders to participate in the decision-making process and influence the platform’s direction and growth. Consequently, this ensures a more democratic and inclusive approach.

  2. Protocol Configuration: KFI holders have the power to shape crucial aspects of the KleverChain ecosystem, such as application fees and referral systems. This helps to optimize the platform’s economic model.

  3. App Approval and Development: Token holders can approve new applications, blockchain updates, and modifications proposed by developers. Moreover, this fosters innovation and promotes a competitive environment for application development within the ecosystem.

  4. Voting Rights: KFI holders gain voting rights when they freeze their tokens on KleverChain, allowing them to actively participate in decisions regarding platform improvements, new applications, and changes to the ecosystem’s overall structure.

  5. Rewards and Incentives: By participating in the KFI governance community, holders become eligible to receive app rewards in KLV. Developers also benefit from this incentive structure, encouraging them to create high-quality applications and actively engage with the community.

  6. Network Stability and Security: As KFI holders stake their tokens on KleverChain, they contribute to the network’s stability and security. Consequently, this helps protect the platform against potential attacks and ensure smooth operations.

Enhancing Liquidity and Rewards: KLV Integration and KFI Governance on KleverChain

A new feature arriving this year lets participants add KLV as liquidity for all Klever tokens, streamlining KFI token mining.

KFI empowers KleverChain developers to create peer-to-peer applications governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) community, with each app contributing uniquely to the network and KFI governance community. This creates a positive feedback loop between the components. Consequently, as developers create more apps on KleverChain, KLV flows into liquidity pools, boosting KFI community rewards and network stability.

KleverChain transaction fees consist of a base bandwidth fee of 1 KLV and a variable Kapp fee based on the transaction’s contracts. Half of the bandwidth fee is burned, while the remaining half is allocated to the validators pool for distribution to delegators. KFI governance token holders receive the entire Kapp fee.

For instance, a standard token transfer incurs a 1.5 KLV fee (1 KLV bandwidth fee + 0.5 KLV transfer Kapp fee). From this, 0.5 KLV is burned, 0.5 KLV is directed to the validators pool, and 0.5 KLV is distributed to the KFI holders pool.

When creating a KDA, a user is charged a total of 20,001 KLV (1 KLV bandwidth fee + 20,000 KLV Create Asset Kapp fee). In this case, 0.5 KLV is burned, 0.5 KLV is allocated to the validators pool, and 20,000 KLV is distributed to the KFI holders pool.

Note: The KFI circulating supply stands at 10,650,000 KFI, with a maximum supply of 21,000,000 KFI.

KFI Release Schedule

KFI Farm/Mining Release Schedule

Klever decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)

Klever Finance Token (KFI)

Decentralization is a process that many times takes years to achieve, and our goal is to decentralize the governance of Klever Chain through the empowerment of the Klever DAO, that is to say, is set to be governed by rules encoded on the Klever Blockchain that are transparent and controlled by the organization’s members.

Klever DAO allows true community governance through a proposal and voting mechanism for Klever Finance Token (KFI) holders. Through this process, we are giving the users and developers an opportunity to participate in the network in an inclusive and empowering way that was not possible before for the community of users, builders and developers.

KFI holders can create on-chain proposals to change any and all parameters, such as:

  • Change transaction fees

  • Change burn rate percentage of KLV per transaction

  • Change Kapp fees

  • Change Block rewards

  • Change Staking rewards

  • Disable Validators as inactive should they drop blocks or have poor hardware

  • Change threshold for Validators (for instance self-stake in KLV by validator & delegation minimum in KLV)

  • Rate a token (prevent a suspected scam project to emerge)

The KFI holder creating the proposal sets the timeframe, with a minimum of 1 epoch and a maximum of 40 epochs.

Any KFI holder can vote for that proposal – you vote by using the amount of KFI you have staked. The proposal passes if over 50% of all actively staked KFI votes in favor.

The KFI community must stake at least 1 million KFI to enable the Kapp Proposal (subject to change at Mainnet launch). This feature aims to mitigate the risk of hostile takeovers.

Everyone is free to use Klever Blockchain and participate in Klever DAO.

Klever Blockchain Whitepaper
KFI is listed on Bitcoin.me Exchange