Klever Wallet and Simplex: 50% OFF fees for new users

June 21, 2023 — Pioneering digital wallet provider, Klever Wallet K5, is excited to announce a limited-time promotional event in partnership with Simplex by Nuvei, a global leader in secure payment solutions. Starting today, all new Simplex users will be granted an incredible 50% fee reduction when they purchase cryptocurrencies through the Klever Wallet K5 app. We could extend this offer, available for one week, depending on the positive reception from our growing community.

“This promotional event is a prime example of our joint effort with Simplex by Nuvei to simplify digital finance while ensuring affordability,” states Vitor Pereira, Project Manager of Klever Wallet K5. “We remain committed to delivering high-value, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to our users. With this offer, we hope to welcome even more individuals to the world of digital finance.”

— Vitor Pereira, Project Manager of Klever Wallet K5

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, visit klever.io to download the Klever Wallet K5 app. Once installed, new users can proceed to buy cryptocurrencies through Simplex at a significantly reduced fee.


“We are thrilled to join hands with Klever Wallet K5 for this exciting promotion,” said Alessandro Wajchenberg, Customer Success Manager for Simplex by Nuvei. “This is an excellent opportunity for newcomers to explore the dynamic realm of digital finance without the concern of high transaction costs.”

— Alessandro Wajchenberg, Customer Success Manager for Simplex by Nuvei

About Klever Wallet K5: Klever Wallet K5 is a leading digital wallet solution, providing secure and user-friendly services to users worldwide. Moreover, it continually integrates innovative solutions to simplify finance for everyone.

About Simplex by Nuvei: Simplex by Nuvei is a renowned global payment solution provider that assures fraud-proof payment processing. Also, it aims to make digital finance secure, straightforward, and accessible for all its users.

Don’t miss this chance to join the digital finance revolution at an exceptional value. Visit www.klever.io and start now.