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Latest Klever Blockchain Updates Transforming the Web3 Industry

The web3 industry is set to experience a major shift with the latest updates to the Klever Blockchain. Consequently, these updates bring in a new level of flexibility and convenience, making the blockchain a top choice for web3 creators and developers. With features such as FPR for KDA, KDA pay for fees, split royalties, ITO improvements, and marketplace enhancements, the Klever Blockchain is poised to become a leader in the web3 industry.

Klever FPR for KDA: Staking and Receiving Proportional Returns

The FPR for KDA is a game-changer for asset creators who can initiate campaigns to airdrop several tokens to holders of their staked KDA. Moreover, KDA creators can now create staking pools that can handle up to 10 other tokens. Consequently, this increased versatility will make the KDA more attractive to investors and traders, as they can now receive proportional returns from each deposited token based on the amount they have staked.

Increased Versatility with Up to 10 Tokens Supported in Staking Pools

The ability to handle up to 10 tokens in a staking pool greatly increases the versatility of the KDA. Consequently, this Klever feature makes it a more attractive option for NFT traders and investors, as they can now earn returns from a wider range of tokens.

Klever Holders Receive Proportional Returns Based on Amount Staked

By staking their KDA in these pools, holders will receive proportional returns from each deposited token based on the amount they have staked. Consequently, this creates a fair and equitable system, where all participants have the opportunity to earn returns based on the amount they have invested.

KDA Pay for Fees

The second update, KDA pay for fees, is set to revolutionize the industry. Additionally, the KDA creator can create a KLV/KDA pool and set a fixed ratio for transaction fee payments.

Adjustable Conversion Ratio for Maximum Efficiency

The conversion ratio can be adjusted at any time, giving owners the ability to create automated oracles that follow the KDA/KLV market price updates. Consequently, this ensures maximum efficiency by adjusting the conversion ratio based on market conditions.

Split Royalties: Streamlining the Royalty Distribution Process

The Split Royalties feature allows NFT creators to configure a set of addresses with respective weight to auto-distribute NFT royalties. Consequently, this Klever feature simplifies royalty distribution, making it easier and more efficient for NFT creators to earn profits.

Configurable Addresses and Respective Weights for Auto-Distribution

The ability to configure addresses and respective weights for auto-distribution greatly simplifies the royalty distribution process. This makes it easier and more efficient for NFT creators to receive their fair share of the profits.

ITO Improvements: Secure and Transparent Token Offerings

The ITO improvements are a major step forward for the Klever Blockchain. With the new ITO allowlist, NFT creators can now offer loyal users first access to the minting of projects. You can also set limits for each wallet, making the ITO process more secure and transparent.

Marketplace Enhancements: Faster and More Efficient Trading

Ability to Execute BIDs Prior to Expiration Day for Satisfactory Amounts

Finally, the Marketplace improvements let sellers execute a BID before expiration if the BID amount is satisfactory. This Klever feature will increase marketplace efficiency, making it easier and faster for sellers to close deals and profit.

The upcoming updates to the Klever Blockchain will bring in a new era of flexibility and convenience for NFT creators and users. These updates will position the Klever Blockchain as a leader in the NFT industry and provide users with a fast, secure, and efficient platform for NFT trading.

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