Devikins NFT/KDA (Klever) Exchange is thrilled to announce a highly anticipated update: the support for Devikins NFT/KDA deposits and withdrawals, alongside DVK/KDA. This enhancement, reflecting our dedication to providing seamless and innovative solutions. Check out.

Klever Exchange now supports Devikins NFT/KDA deposits and withdrawals, following the discontinuation of support for Tron NFTs

We are delighted to announce that one of our most requested features is now live at (Klever) Exchange – the support for Devikins NFT/KDA deposits and withdrawals, alongside DVK/KDA. Furthermore, this significant update showcases our commitment to providing innovative and seamless solutions for our ever-expanding community of users.

Our users eagerly anticipated the Devikins NFT/KDA integration, and we are proud to have successfully delivered on this promise. Additionally, we executed the introduction of this feature smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our users.

In tandem with this update, we have discontinued support for Tron NFTs and DVK TRC20. To address concerns about existing Tron NFTs on Klever Exchange, we partnered with Moonlabs to offer a free conversion service. Moonlabs has completed the conversion of all Tron NFTs deposited on Klever Exchange before the switch to KDA, ensuring that your assets remain valuable and accessible.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce a significant reduction in withdrawal fees. Previously, users faced fees in the hundreds of TRX for withdrawals. With this update, we’ve reduced the withdrawal fee to just 8 KLV, making transactions more cost-effective for our users.

We are confident that the introduction of Devikins NFT/KDA support and the reduction of withdrawal fees will greatly enhance the overall user experience on Klever Exchange. Our team remains committed to delivering the best platform and eagerly anticipates continued growth and innovation in the future.

Thanks for choosing Klever Exchange as your tool – as Klever users, you help keep us growing! We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing these enhancements and more with our community in the coming months.