Hackathon 2023

Klever.org is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, with a strong emphasis on user security. So, we’re calling on developers to join us in shaping the future of the decentralized ecosystem. Dive into this exciting journey of Klever Hackathon and contribute your skills, helping create secure and groundbreaking blockchain solutions. Be a part of the transformation and make a lasting impact.

Phase One: Competition (Reward: $250,000)

Event Date Description
Problem Proposal 10/11/2023 (Updated) Share your innovative project idea here.
Product Launch 01/12/2023 Launch a functional product on web platforms, Apple Store, or Google Play Store.
Winner Announcement 30/12/2023 5 Winners. Prizes will be allocated across specified milestones.
Key Performance Indicators: DAU, MAU, Total Transactions on Klever Blockchain.

Any attempt to manipulate or abuse the system, analytics, or generate fraudulent users, transactions, or data will result in immediate disqualification and also, a potential ban from future Klever events.

  1. Compensation: $250,000, disbursed in KLV + KFI tokens.

Prize Milestones:

Milestone Share Date
Milestone 1 25% 30/01/2024
Milestone 2 25% 30/04/2024
Milestone 3 25% 30/07/2024
Milestone 4 25% 30/10/2024

Phase Two: Acceleration (Potential Support: $250,000) 

Top projects will be recommended for potential collaboration with Klever Labs. Successful candidates may then have the opportunity to apply for additional funding, up to $250k, to cover Klever Network fees, based on the achievement of specific milestones.

  1. Live Key Performance Indicators: DAU, MAU, Total Transactions on kleverscan.org.

Phase Three: The Exchange 

Successful projects will be given recommendations for potential listing opportunities with Klever partners, including platforms like Bitcoin.me and Klever Wallet, among others.

Developer Resources

Evaluation Criteria

While points provide a framework for gauging effort and innovation, we will assess every solution on its own merit. Points serve as an internal compass, offering us insights into the dedication of participating teams, but they won’t solely determine a project’s value or potential.

Areas of Interest

We’re keen on projects in:

All powered by Klever Blockchain.

Available SDKs: Tools include Javascript, Typescript, Go, and Unity. For detailed documentation, visit docs.klever.finance.

Dive in and showcase your coding prowess. Let’s redefine blockchain together. Good luck to all participants!

How to Participate in the Klever Hackathon 2023

When submitting your project, consider including the following components to enhance clarity and appeal:

Key Insights to Share

While not exhaustive, these are some potential insights that can bolster the comprehensiveness of your project submission:

Remember, a well-structured submission not only informs but also engages, motivating the community and evaluators to dive deeper into what your project offers.

Terms and Conditions

Professionals, Contractors & Affiliate Exclusion

Professionals, Contractors & Affiliates of Klever.org, its subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and suppliers, and immediate family members and/or those living in the same household are not eligible to participate in the Klever.org Hackathon 2023. Instead, they will form part of the evaluation and judging teams, ensuring a fair and unbiased assessment of all submissions.