syscoin (sys) is now in klever

We are pleased to announce that Klever users can now seamlessly transact with SYSCOIN (SYS), which has been successfully integrated and is live in the Klever Wallet K5. Above all, this development showcases our commitment to providing innovative, secure, and efficient digital asset management services to our users. Let´s see more deeply.

Integration of Syscoin (SYS) NEVM into Klever Wallet K5: A New Era of Secure and Fast Transactions

For those new to Syscoin, it’s a powerful blockchain protocol delivering secure, cost-effective, and lightning-fast transactions. Syscoin aims to provide businesses with the infrastructure they need to securely trade goods, assets, digital certificates, and data. It offers the proven security of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work model. It also introduce the dynamic scalability of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) via its breakthrough Layer 2 solution, Rollux.

Rollux represents the ultimate in EVM L2 technology, offering unparalleled speed, security, and affordability. So, leveraging the innovative Syscoin architecture, it features Proof-of-Data Availability on Layer 2, working in tandem with our Optimistic-forked L2 rollup. This potent combination results in two-second finality and the ultimate in security, fortified by Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work via merged mining.

On the native or UTXO side, Syscoin’s unique Z-DAG (Zero Confirmation Directed Acyclic Graph) protocol ensures near-instantaneous transactions, appealing to businesses and individuals who demand real-time trading and high throughput. With the EVM chain’s integration of Rollux, Syscoin is not just keeping pace with the evolution of blockchain technology, but is pioneering its future, crafting a new era of high-speed, secure, and affordable transactions that elevate the entire crypto landscape.

Enhancing User Experience: SYSCOIN on Klever Wallet K5

Introducing Syscoin to Klever Wallet K5 furthers our mission to offer users superior security, speed, and also versatility.

This integration will allow Klever users to send, receive, and store SYSCOIN (SYS) directly in their wallets.

The inclusion of Syscoin into the Klever ecosystem will also in future enable Klever Swap to support SYSCOIN swap pairs. It offer users more options and the ability to easily swap SYSCOIN with other cryptocurrencies.

A Step Forward in Blockchain Innovation

The integration of Syscoin marks a significant milestone for Klever Wallet K5. Moreover, it is a testament to our continuous efforts to push the boundaries of blockchain technology and provide our users with the most robust and diverse crypto management application.

This addition aligns with Klever’s vision of empowering users with the freedom to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies. By supporting Syscoin, Klever Wallet K5 not only enhances its feature-rich app but also paves the way for future integrations and partnerships.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

We are thrilled to welcome the Syscoin community into the Klever family.

So, we invite all Klever users to update their Klever Wallet K5 to the latest version 5.17.0 (Android) / 5.4.19 (iOS) and experience the seamless integration of SYSCOIN.

As always, we continue to strive for excellence and innovation, with a relentless focus on user experience, security, and versatility. Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of our journey.