Weekly Update: Klever Ecosystem Security Improvements

Another productive week for Klever has passed, and it’s time to review the latest accomplishments, ongoing projects, and future plans for each division. Therefore, our focus on security improvements has driven significant progress across Klever Wallet, KleverChain, Bitcoin.me, and KleverSafe. So, stay tuned to discover the exciting security enhancements, updates, and upcoming features for each project!

Klever Wallet: Enhanced Currency Options and Feature Improvements

klever wallet

The Klever Wallet team made progress by implementing the ability to change currency on the Portfolio and Home sections, as well as delivering fixes and improvements to the Swap and Staking features. Next steps for the project include enhancing analytics, adding Syscoin NEVM support, and developing notification centers for iOS and Currencies for Android devices.

  • Accomplishments

    • Change currency on Portfolio and Home

    • Swap and Staking fixes and improvements

  • Next steps

    • More Analytics

    • Syscoin NEVM integration

    • Notification centers for iOS

    • Currencies for Android

  • Future deadlines

    • Translations

    • ICP network integration

    • More Analytics

    • Feature Flag

    • KDA Fee

KleverChain: MainNet Update and Future Development Plans

kleverchain - blockchain

The KleverChain team released a MainNet update v1.6.1 during epoch #1196. The next steps for the project include creating an architecture for an Interpreter and Script Language, developing a MultiSign API, and making improvements to the Multicontract API and Operator CLI Visualization. Additionally, the team will create an example of a game using the Unity SDK.

  • Accomplishments

    • Klever MainNet update v1.6.1 release during epoch #1196

  • Next Steps

    • Architecture for Interpreter and Script Language

    • MultiSign API development

    • Improvements to Multicontract API and Operator CLI Visualization

    • Create a game example using Unity SDK

  • Additional Notes

    • Keys performance from April 10th to 16th:

      • New Addresses: 1469 (Growth of 226% compared to the previous week)

      • Transactions: 886,080 (Growth of 79% compared to the previous week)

KleverScan: Enhanced UX and New Feature Introductions

KleverScan had a productive week, introducing the Multisign Interface Page and ITO Page, as well as improving the UX by adding a “Create Transaction Shortcuts” bar on Home, a copy button for validator addresses, and ITO details as a tab on the Asset Details Page. KleverChain SDK was also updated with new features.

  • Accomplishments

    • Multisign Interface Page and ITO Page

    • UX improvements

    • KleverChain SDK updates

  • Next Steps

    • Create direct links to each contract on Create Transaction Page

    • Develop Verify Signature Page

  • Upcoming Deadlines

    • Subscription program for asset verification

    • Redesign KleverScan using Mobile First Approach

    • Refactor MultiContract feature flow

    • Integration with KleverNFT

    • Multisign Center

    • Wizard for main contracts guidance

Bitcoin.me: Advancements in Liquidity Pool and Platform Enhancements


The team at Bitcoin.me has been hard at work this week with a successful internal beta test of the Liquidity Pool, various performance and security improvements, and bug fixes. Additionally, the upcoming milestones include releasing the Liquidity Pool and integrating with Klever Kustody.

  • Accomplishments

    • Liquidity Pool internal beta test

    • Performance and security improvements

    • Bug fixes

  • Next steps

    • Release of Liquidity Pool

    • Integration with Klever Kustody

  • Future deadlines

    • Launch Liquidity Pool

    • Preparing new project listings, trade competitions, and project releases on Buy For Stake

    • Add support for new networks

KleverSafe: Expanding Coin Support and Hardware Integration


Finally, this week, KleverSafe added support for a new coin: SOLANA (SOL). Meanwhile, the next steps for the project involve handling multiple hardware versions for firmware update management and integrating swapping support for KleverSafe accounts in the K5 Wallet app.

  • Accomplishments

    • New coin support: SOLANA (SOL)

  • Next Steps

    • Handle multiple hardware versions for firmware update management

    • Swapping support for KleverSafe accounts on K5 Wallet app

  • Upcoming Deadlines

    • Develop plan for next production batch

With continuous improvements and updates, the Bitcoin.me and Klever ecosystem is poised for further growth and expansion in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned for more exciting updates on the progress of these projects.