the image represents a wordl map, saying that klever team is globaly.

At, enhancing user experience is our top priority. As a result, our dedicated team is excited to share the latest progress, updates, and future goals across all platforms. From significant advancements in the Klever Wallet to ongoing improvements in KleverChain,, and KleverSafe, we are committed to delivering a seamless and a better user experience for our global community.

Klever Wallet – Enhancements and New Features

New languages supported in klever wallet, like Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Hindi, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Indonesian, to a better user experience.

The past week saw significant steps in our translation endeavors. As of August 15th, we’ve completed the screen translations mapping. Meanwhile, we’re channeling our efforts into various fronts: from routine bug fixes and system enhancements to the integration of new networks like OKBC.  Additionally, upcoming translations in Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Hindi, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Indonesian will leave our global users satisfied.

Partnering with Paybis as our new buy crypto provider and launching the APTOS network are in the pipeline as well. Additionally, keep an eye out for an array of features rolling out soon, including gamification, referrals, and support for multiple new blockchains on our browser.

KleverChain – Ongoing Improvement and Expansion

We’re delighted to unveil some of our recent TestNet accomplishments, which will soon be available on the mainnet. These include the addition of the PublicKey ↔︎ Address function on the Encoding Converter Page and the much-anticipated MarketPlace page. From a UX standpoint, KleverScan will now align with the theme preference on the user’s system.

As we move forward, we’re gearing up for a major redesign inspired by the ‘Mobile First’ approach and developing user-friendly wizards to streamline contract usage. The roadmap also promises exciting features like translations, a revamped MultiContract feature flow, and an in-depth KleverChain Guide Page.

addition of the PublicKey ↔︎ Address function for a better user experience

place buy order – Better User Experience

Our relentless pursuit of excellence continues with various improvements in layout, security, SEO, and performance. Moreover, we completed the KLV/USDT trade competition and are ready to start several initiatives, including integrations with Klever Custody and KOS. New token listings like XRP and Aura are on the horizon, along with new liquidity pools. Furthermore, As we head into the next month, two critical integrations are in the works: Custody and Swap.

KleverSafe – Greater Compatibility and New Features


We marked the week by adding three new coins to our roster: APT, Acala, and Karura. Also, the gears are in motion for our inaugural face-to-face conference, ‘Crypto Talks’. On the technical side, our focus is on the FIDO1 integration tests. Stay tuned for a major firmware update in September that will enhance coin support and incorporate FIDO support.

Our commitment to growth and improvement remains unwavering. Stay tuned for more updates, expansions, and improvements across all our platforms.

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