From our dedicated team at Klever, we bring you a rundown of our weekly progress across all platforms. We’re excited to share with you the accomplished updates, ongoing projects, and future goals.

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Based on two Liquidity Pools, namely KFI/USDT & KLV/USDT, please check our Liquidity Pools for reward specifics.

Klever Wallet – Enhancements and New Features

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In the world of Klever Wallet, we’ve made key progress with analytics implementations, translations, and bug fixes. Future developments include support for the AURA and CUDOS networks, addition of Custom Network, Wallet Connect, a new buy crypto flow, further translations, and analytics enhancements. Moreover, we will be introducing a new crypto provider, Paybis. Also on the roadmap are OKX network support, a Feature Flag, KDA Fee, a Fake Pin system, Token Detail, and the APTOS network.

KleverChain – Ongoing Improvement and Expansion

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KleverScan, in its testing phase, has successfully integrated with Canny to streamline user feedback management. We’re also enabling users to see transaction fees upfront and offering an Encoding Converter Page. Additionally, we’ve made enhancements to the UX to support longer token names. As we continue making enhancements, keep an eye out for the upcoming mobile-first redesign of KleverScan, a new Wizard feature, a Multisign Center, and much more. – Updated for a Better User Experience

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On our platform, we’ve made remarkable enhancements in our layout and integrated with a Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solution. We’ve also pushed the envelope with SEO enhancements and introduced a new KLV/USDT Liquidity Pool. Future updates involve integrating with Klever Kustody and KOS to enhance the withdrawal and deposit flow, alongside the listing of new tokens. Get ready for the launch of two new liquidity pools, KFI/KLV and DVK/USDT, and expanded language support with Hindi coming soon.

KleverSafe – Greater Compatibility and New Features

KleverSafe has reached new heights this week with custom support for Substrate-based networks and launching a fresh promotional sales campaign. However, the journey doesn’t stop here. We’re excited to announce our new firmware will support two new coins, AURA and CUDOS, with OKBC, APT, and FIDO support coming soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Our commitment to growth and improvement remains unwavering. Stay tuned for more advancements, expansions, and improvements across all our platforms.