From our dedicated team at Klever, we bring you a rundown of our weekly progress across all platforms. Firstly, we’re excited to share with you the accomplished updates. Moreover, we have ongoing projects and future goals, all aimed at enhancing the Klever Wallet. Additionally, we are focused on optimizing liquidity pools and improving user experience.

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Klever Wallet – Progress on Enhancements and New Features

The Klever Wallet has made significant progress this week, launching the AURA and CUDOS networks. We also provided an update on our advancements in analytics and translation implementations for iOS, along with the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Upcoming milestones include launching the OKBC network, more translations, custom network addition, 24 seed words support, and a swap limit order feature. We’re also introducing Paybis, a new buy crypto provider.

In the pipeline are updates like multisign, a new create/restore wallet flow. Additionally, Wallet Connect, new buy crypto flow, KDA Fee, EVM NFT support, Token Detail, BTC Ordinals, and integration with the APTOS and Solana networks.

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KleverChain – Updates on Ongoing Improvement and Expansion

We’ve upgraded to Mainnet 1.6.3, bringing you improvements in KleverChain API to NFT calls and adding Kda Fee in the transaction. We’ve also made operator enhancements and documentation improvements, paving the way for KleverChain VM with the implementation of klever-go-vm.

Upcoming improvements to look forward to are the Operator CLI Visualization and Custom Kapps with KleverChain VM.

<img src="progress update.png" alt=""> – Better User Experience

This week, we made great strides in improving our layout, security, and SEO. Additionally, we launched a new liquidity pool for DVK/USDT and expanded our language support to include Nederlands, Hindi, and Indonesian. Significant progress was also made in governance and AML compliance. Moving forward, we’re planning to integrate with Klever Kustody and KOS to refine the withdrawal and deposit flow.

XRP and Aura are the latest tokens joining our list. Meanwhile, stay tuned for our upcoming Swap integration and user-centric trading bots. Additionally, future plans include supporting German, Turkish, and Italian languages and introducing a new deposit flow.

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KleverSafe – Greater Compatibility and New Features

KleverSafe had an eventful week with significant progress as we expanded our coin support to include AURA and CUDOS. Our promotional sales campaign was also a great success. Looking ahead to early August, we are planning to support OKBC and APT coins and further develop the FIDO2 authenticator GetAssertion and authenticator Cancel methods.

By late August, expect a new firmware release supporting the latest coins and full FIDO support.

Our commitment to growth and improvement remains unwavering. Stay tuned for more updates, expansions, and improvements across all our platforms.

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