In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, Klever remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet our users’ growing needs. Furthermore, this week, we’re excited to share progress updates on our recent accomplishments and future plans within the Klever ecosystem.

<img src="updates; progress update.png" alt="">

<img src="updates; progress update.png" alt="">

Klever Wallet Updates: Network Launches and Upcoming Features

Klever Wallet successfully launched the Cosmos network, with SUI network currently under testing. Additionally, our focus on analytics saw more implementations. Moreover, we’re excited about launching the APTOS network, adding custom networks, and enhancing Wallet Connect, among other steps. Furthermore, we’re also pleased to announce Paybis as our new buy crypto provider. Finally, stay tuned for more updates on the OKX network, Feature Flag, KDA Fee, Fake Pin, and Token Detail.

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KleverScan: Progress Update on Revamped UX and New Features

KleverScan had a week filled with numerous updates and refinements, including a refactor of the create transaction page to improve performance and UX. Additionally, we’ve added an ‘account permissions’ tab on the account page and have created individual URLs for direct access to each transaction on the transaction page. Moreover, significant UX improvements were made, including showing fixed royalties and ‘transferPercentage’ fees for fungible components and rendering packInfos on the ITO Page.

The journey doesn’t end here, though. Furthermore, we’re taking a Mobile First Approach to redesign KleverScan in July 2023. We also plan to introduce a wizard to guide users through using the main contracts (Create Asset), along with several other exciting features and a subscription program for asset verification, an encoding converter page, and a refactoring of the MultiContract feature flow—all set for August 2023. Therefore, stay tuned for these and more progress updates as we continue to improve our platform.

<img src="updates; progress update.png" alt=""> Pool Launches and Language Support

Over at, we launched the Liquidity Pool TRX/USDT and KFI/USDT, made responsive layout improvements, and added support for Cosmos and Celestia networks. Additionally, we rolled out French language support. Looking ahead, we’re excited about the upcoming updates, including integration with Klever Kustody and KOS to enhance the withdrawal and deposit flow. Moreover, more language support, including Russian and German, is in the pipeline, along with a partnership with Swap for a competition on the KFI/USDT pair.

KleverSafe: New Coin Support and Custom Networks

KleverSafe’s team introduced SUI support and released new firmware for internal testing successfully. As we move ahead, prepare for a slew of custom support for various networks. On the horizon, we have support for Cosmos-based networks scheduled for July 3rd and Substrate-based networks slated for July 10th. Our lineup of new coin support continues with APT and OKX. A new firmware update releases July 19th; FIDO2 support follows on August 31st. We’re thrilled!

That’s all for this week. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing more updates with you in our next newsletter.