weekly update: Klever Wallet improve user experience

Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we dive into the latest accomplishments and future plans for KleverChain, Bitcoin.me, KleverSafe, and Klever Wallet. So, keep reading to discover how we are improving user experience with exciting updates, enhancements, and upcoming features for each project!

Klever Wallet: Improving User Experience and Expanding Functionality

klever wallet

Klever Wallet focused on improving user experience by adding new features and resolving issues. Accomplishments include enhancing currency display, swap and staking improvements, and adding currencies for Android users. Also, upcoming plans involve expanding analytics and integrating new networks.


  • Change currency on Portfolio and Home

  • Swap fixes and improvements

  • Staking fixes and improvements

  • Currencies added for Android users

Next Steps

  • More Analytics for better insights

  • Syscoin NEVM integration

  • Notification center for iOS users

Future Deadlines

  • Translations for wider accessibility

  • ICP network integration

  • Expanding Analytics

  • Feature Flag implementation

  • KDA Fee adjustments

KleverChain: Enhancing Contracts and Expanding the Ecosystem


This week, KleverChain focused on improving contract transfers and adding new features to its ecosystem. Specifically, key achievements include implementing a new transfer flow across all contracts and integrating the MultiSign API.

Achievements Unlocked

  • Revolutionized transfer flow across all contracts

  • MultiSign API: Strengthening security and control

The Road Ahead

  • Pioneering an Interpreter and Script Language architecture

  • Boosting efficiency with Multicontract API enhancements

  • Optimizing the Operator CLI Visualization experience

  • Unleashing creativity with a Unity SDK game example

Performance Highlights

  • Weekly Snapshot (April 23-30):

    • New Addresses: 527 (64% decrease from the previous week)

    • Transactions: 346,702 (61% decrease from the previous week)

  • Monthly Overview (April):

    • New Addresses: 173% growth (compared to the previous month)

    • Transactions Performed: 294% growth (compared to the previous month)

Bitcoin.me: Streamlining Trading and Expanding Reach


Bitcoin.me had a productive week, launching its internal beta test for the Liquidity Pool, making performance improvements, and fixing login problems. Additionally, the upcoming goals include releasing the Liquidity Pool and adding multiple language support.

Milestones Reached:

  • Liquidity Pool: Successful Internal Beta Test

  • Noticeable Performance Improvements

  • Resolved login issues for a seamless experience

What’s Next?

  • Official release of the Liquidity Pool

  • Integration with Klever Kustody for enhanced security

  • Embracing diversity with multiple language support

Future Goals:

  • Liquidity Pool launch

  • New project listings in the pipeline

  • Upcoming trade competition preparations

  • Exciting project releases on Buy For Stake

  • Expanding support for new networks

  • Broadening accessibility with multiple language support

KleverSafe: Empowering Users with New Coin Support and Advanced Features


KleverSafe expanded its coin support by adding SOLANA (SOL) and efficiently managed firmware updates across multiple hardware versions. Furthermore, the next steps include adding support for STELLAR (XLM) and enhancing the K5 Wallet app’s features.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Embraced SOLANA (SOL) as a newly supported coin

  • Efficiently managed firmware updates across multiple hardware versions

Upcoming Initiatives

  • Expanding coin support to include STELLAR (XLM)

  • Swapping support for KleverSafe accounts within the K5 Wallet app

  • Identifying suppliers for the next production batch

Key Deadlines

  • Crafting a strategic plan for the next production batch

With continuous improvements and updates, the Bitcoin.me and Klever ecosystem is poised for further growth and expansion in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned for more exciting updates on the progress of these projects.