Weekly Update: KleverChain improvements

Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we dive into the latest accomplishments and future plans to our plataforms. So, keep reading to discover the exciting Bitcoin.me, KleverSafe, Klever Wallet and KleverChain improvements, updates, and upcoming features for each project!

Klever Wallet: Enhancing User Experience and Expanding Functionality

klever wallet


We also rolled out fixes and improvements for our Swap and Staking features.

Next Steps

After that, our next steps include adding more analytics, a notification center for iOS, ICP network support, and more translations to enhance our user experience.


  • Firstly, plan to add more analytics.

  • Secondly, implementing a notification center for iOS.

  • Thirdly, adding ICP network support.

  • Fourthly, more translations planned.

Future Deadlines

  • SUI network support

KleverChain: Enhancing Contracts and Expanding the Ecosystem

KleverChain improvements


This week, on KleverChain improvements, our team has been hard at work implementing multi-contract functionality on the klever-go-sdk. This significant achievement takes us closer to our goal of enhanced decentralization and security. Additionally, we’ve been working on the high-level design of an architecture to create an Interpreter and Script Language on KleverChain. This is a groundbreaking step in our journey to make KleverChain a more accessible and user-friendly platform.


  • Implementation of multi-contract on klever-go-sdk.

  • High-level design of architecture for Interpreter and Script Language on KleverChain.

Next Steps

Our immediate plans include creating an example of a game using Unity SDK. This initiative will help demonstrate the capabilities of our platform. We also aim to make improvements to the Operator CLI Visualization and continue our work on Custom Kapps and KleverChain VM.


  • Firstly, develop a game example using Unity SDK.

  • Secondly, improve Operator CLI Visualization.

  • Thirdly, continue work on Custom Kapps and KleverChain VM.

Bitcoin.me: Streamlining Trading and Expanding Reach



This week, we conducted an internal beta test for the Liquidity Pool feature on Bitcoin.me. There have also been significant performance improvements, a fixed login flow that was causing user disconnection, and interface enhancements.


  • Firstly, conducted internal beta test for Liquidity Pool.

  • Secondly, made significant performance improvements.

  • Thirdly, fixed user disconnection issue in login flow.

  • Fourthly, implemented interface improvements.

Next Steps

Our team also is now preparing to release the Liquidity Pool and integrate with Klever Kustody and KOS, aiming to improve the withdrawal and deposit flow. Furthermore, we’re working on adding multi-language support, preparing new project listings, and plan to add support for new networks like Aura, Cudos, and SUI.


  • Upcoming release of Liquidity Pool.

  • Integration with Klever Kustody and KOS for improved withdrawal and deposit flow.

  • Plan to add multi-language support and new project listings.

  • Adding support for Aura, Cudos, and SUI networks.

Future Deadlines

  • Launch of Liquidity Pool.

  • Preparing new trade competitions.

KleverSafe: Empowering Users with New Coin Support and Advanced Features



This week, KleverSafe introduced swapping support for KleverSafe accounts on the K5 Wallet app for iOS.


  • Added swapping support for KleverSafe accounts on K5 Wallet app for iOS.

Next Steps

Our next steps also involve introducing new coin support for STELLAR (XLM) and adding swapping support for KleverSafe accounts on the K5 Wallet app for Android.


  • Plan to introduce new coin support for STELLAR (XLM).

  • Adding swapping support for KleverSafe accounts on K5 Wallet app for Android.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Release a new firmware version for update

With continuous improvements and updates, the Bitcoin.me and Klever ecosystem is poised for further growth and expansion in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned for more exciting updates on the progress of these projects.