At Klever, user security is at the heart of everything we do. This week, we’re excited to share exciting updates like Klever Wallet advancements, ongoing projects, and future plans designed to increase your security and improve your experience across all of our platforms. Dive in to see how we’re making your crypto journey more secure and seamless.

Klever Wallet

This week, Klever Wallet celebrates a series of accomplishments, including various bug fixes and improvements, the launch of the Russian translation, and the successful integration with Moonpay. Additionally, partnerships have been solidified with Self crypto through the Nickname partnership and Bitrefill through a gift card partnership.

After this, the Klever Wallet advancements will focusing on introducing several new translations (Ukrainian, Arabic, and Swedish), expanding support to the Cardano network, and enhancing various features such as transaction lists, notification systems, and more.

Therefore, future plans are robust, encompassing the integration of multiple networks, a revamp of several user interface screens, and the introduction of new staking options.

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KleverScan e KleverChain

KleverScan had a significant week, launching the Klever Forum and making KleverScan open source, a milestone detailed on the forum.

Meanwhile, steps for October 2023 include migrating Klever Docs, enhancing mobile user experience and adding Portuguese translation.

Upcoming deadlines include a comprehensive refactor of the MultiContract feature, additional translations, and development of several user guidance tools.

Klever Eletronics

KleverSafe rounds up the week with its successful third edition of Crypto Talks held on October 18th, the development of a new USB driver for FIDO composite devices, and the final testing stages for its new firmware release.

Immediate next steps involve the release of this new firmware supporting more coins and ADA support. So, a critical upcoming deadline includes the much-anticipated FIDO U2F support.


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Bitcoin.me continues to advance with notable improvements in its web layout for mobile, operational controls, and bug rectifications.

The platform’s roadmap includes the listing of new tokens like XRP, Aura, and Dot, alongside the integration of a swap feature.

Plans are also in motion to introduce trading bots, sub-account features, and a referral program.

Key future deadlines to anticipate include the integration of various new features and enhancements slated for October through December 2023.

In conclusion, it’s an exciting period for the entire Klever ecosystem, with a multitude of updates across all platforms. Your continued support fuels these innovations, and we can’t wait to share more groundbreaking updates soon!