Hardware wallets, like KleverSafe, provide secure storage for crypto keys using a true Random Number Generator (RNG). KleverSafe’s RNG utilizes physical phenomena to generate unpredictable random numbers, ensuring secure cryptographic operations and protecting your assets from attacks.

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Introduction to Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets, electronic devices designed to store private keys for crypto assets, also perform cryptographic operations with your accounts.

Once you set up your hardware wallet, it derives the private key for your accounts from the seed words you chose and safely stores them in a secure element. When you make a transaction with your crypto assets, the private keys ensure that you are the valid holder of that account and that you are making that cryptographic transaction.

The Importance of Random Number Generators

Generating random numbers is crucial in cryptographic computations

Randomness is essential in cryptography because cryptographic systems use random numbers to start encryption methods, create secure keys, and maintain overall strength. A true Random Number Generator (RNG) plays a critical role in this process by providing a reliable source of unpredictable and unbiased random numbers.

Besides key generation, cryptographic systems use random numbers for other critical operations such as initialization vectors (IVs) and nonces. IVs introduce randomness into encryption algorithms, preventing patterns from emerging and enhancing security. Nonces, arbitrary numbers used only once, ensure uniqueness and prevent replay attacks.

If an attacker can accurately guess or deduce the random numbers used, they can significantly weaken or bypass the security of the cryptographic system. They may exploit patterns to break encryption algorithms, recover secret keys, or forge digital signatures. Therefore, the reliability and integrity of a true RNG are of utmost importance in preventing such attacks.

KleverSafe’s True Random Number Generator

A true RNG ensures randomness by producing independent and evenly distributed numbers. It does this by using a source of entropy, which measures unpredictability. You can get entropy from natural events like radioactive decay, atmospheric noise, or electronic noise. These sources provide a level of randomness that is virtually impossible for an attacker to predict or manipulate.

KleverSafe uses a true RNG that relies on natural processes to generate entropy, providing a reliable source of random numbers for the hardware wallet. KleverSafe uses a true RNG with an analog entropy source processed by a top-quality conditioning stage.

It includes an analog noise source, secure digital conversion, a hardware processing algorithm, hardware health monitoring, and two hardware interfaces for entropy source interaction. This ensures that the random numbers generated by KleverSafe are secure and resistant to brute-force attacks or key guessing.

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The true RNG in KleverSafe adds an extra layer of security for cryptographic operations with crypto assets. Using reliable random numbers in hardware removes weak or biased numbers, keeping wallet secure and protecting crypto assets.