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At Klever, user security is our top priority. This week, we’re excited to share updates and plans focused on protecting your crypto assets and enhancing your experience. Discover how we’re making your crypto journey safer and more seamless, by making updates, improving user security and experience and more.

Klever Wallet

This week, Klever Wallet achieved notable bug fixes and made significant improvements, especially with the addition of Ukrainian translation. The roadmap ahead is vast as we hope to integrate Arabic, Swedish and the long-awaited Cardano network. Therefore, we’re enhancing user security and experience with new creation flows, better transaction lists, improved crypto purchasing and more. On the horizon are a multitude of network resources and supports, including the Acala, Karura and Altair networks, among others.

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KleverScan e KleverChain

KleverScan had a fruitful week with milestones like the migration of Klever Docs, numerous improvements to ITO BUY Royalties, and feedback-driven improvements to the homepage. We’ve also optimized several features for a more seamless user security and experience.

Upcoming plans for November 2023 are full of exciting additions, such as support for word wrapping in the mobile icon tooltip and the introduction of a KDA filter. On the backend, we are refining our platform with MultiContract feature updates and expanding translation efforts.



KleverSafe celebrated the approval of a crypto project for government funding and made a significant technological leap forward with the launch of new firmware support chains like Cudos, Aura, and Solana. In the near future, we will see the introduction of ADA support and the next production batch. After that, the roadmap is clear with plans to introduce FIDO U2F support, a cryptographic payment system with multi-chain support and a revamped landing page.

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Continuing to offer a streamlined experience, update improved its mobile layout and operational controls this week. We have also expanded our offerings with the launch of liquidity pools for KLV/USDT and KFI/USDT. Future features such as listing new tokens, swap integration, and a new login flow are in the pipeline. As for the future, expect innovations like an internal transfer feature in December 2023 and trading bots for users by February 2024.

It’s an exciting time for the entire Klever ecosystem, with numerous updates across all platforms. Your continued support fuels these innovations and we can’t wait to share more groundbreaking klever weekly updates soon!