3 years of klever wallet

User security is our top priority at Klever. This week, we’re excited to share updates designed to enhance your safety and improve your experience across all platforms. Klever Wallet of translations and advanced KleverSafe security, here’s a look at our latest accomplishments and future goals.

Klever Wallet: Pushing the Envelope

This week was a flurry of activity for the Klever Wallet. Several new features went live on Android, with their iOS counterparts in the pipeline awaiting Apple’s green light. The addition of Klever Wallet translations, including the likes of Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, and more, underlines Klever’s commitment to global inclusivity.

Future prospects are bright with the advent of gamification, an enhanced referral system, support for new blockchains, and a holistic token detail feature. The Solana network and BTC Ordinals are other anticipated additions that users can look forward to.

swap mana in klever wallet

KleverScan: A Hub of Refinements and Novelties

KleverScan continues to be a playground for innovation. The week saw accomplishments like the integration of the Multisign Center on the TestNet and the addition of a kda fee estimate. Additionally, we have polished the UX, notably improving the proposal and transaction detail tabs.

The roadmap ahead is equally ambitious. A mobile-first redesign is in the works, coupled with user-friendly guides and wizards to ensure seamless user interactions.

Bitcoin.me: Stepping Up the Game


At the heart of Bitcoin.me‘s accomplishments this week is an emphasis on user-centricity. Significant improvements were realized in the layout, security measures, and overall performance. These are not mere cosmetic changes; for instance, the improved code test coverage promises robustness in the platform’s operations.

In the pipeline are a slew of exciting new token listings including XRP, Aura, and Celestia. Additionally, users can soon look forward to features like swap integration, trading bots, sub accounts, and an optimized design for mobile web browsing. With the impending launch of the Program Referral in December, Bitcoin.me aims to offer an even more inclusive platform.

KleverSafe: Secure, Steadfast, and Innovative


The successful execution of the face-to-face conference, “Crypto Talks”, underscores KleverSafe’s commitment to community engagement. Furthermore, the porting of the KleverSafe communication interface to Rust is a testament to technological advancements and ensuring the platform’s efficiency.

Coming up is the much-anticipated FIDO U2F support in October, which will be a significant step towards fortified security.

Our commitment to growth and improvement remains unwavering. So, stay tuned for more updates, expansions, and improvements across all our platforms.