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User safety is our top priority at Klever. This week, we’re excited to share our latest updates across all platforms, designed to protect your digital assets and enhance your experience. Discover our new integrations, security improvements and future plans like Klever Wallet, KleverChain, KleverScan, KleverSafe and improves in performance.

Klever Wallet

First up is Klever Wallet, which has been diligently expanding its feature set. From integrating the APTOS network to bug fixes and improvements, the Wallet has also added a new crypto provider, Paybis. Multilingual support has been expanded with several new languages, and upcoming enhancements include translations in Korean, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, Persian, and Turkish, as well as offramp integration with Moonpay and partnerships for gift cards and other cryptocurrencies. Future deadlines point towards even more functionality, including gamification and referral programs.

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KleverChain e KleverScan

KleverScan made strides with a slew of bug fixes concerning proposals, transactions, and asset management. In terms of features and improvements, the platform added support for both types of royalties for the transfer contract and implemented market-fixed royalties. User interface improvements include warnings for invalid logo inputs, estimated fees for transactions, and shortcuts on the validator details page. The roadmap for September 2023 focuses on a major redesign following the Mobile First Approach and a new Multisign Center.


KleverSafe hasn’t been left behind, with accomplishments such as porting the KleverSafe SDK to Rust and initiating plans for the second edition of Crypto Talks in October. Upcoming firmware releases will support the latest coins and further integrate the SDK with Klever-OS. the easiest way to exchange your cryptos

Last but certainly not least, improving on performance, relentlessly optimizing your mobile layout, improving security, and enhancing performance. A significant achievement was the integration with TRM Labs. The platform also expanded its language support to include Chinese, Swedish, Malay, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, and Filipino. Upcoming features are numerous, including the addition of new tokens, Swap integration, Trading Bots for users, Sub Accounts, a new LP BTC/USDT pool, and an entirely new design for web mobile. The platform is also launching a new referral program and has set deadlines for these features, aiming for completion by December 2023.

It’s an exciting period for the entire Klever ecosystem, with a multitude of updates across all platforms. Your continued support fuels these innovations, and we can’t wait to share more groundbreaking updates soon!