KleverChain Virtual Machine (KVM) on TestNet uses WebAssembly speed to help with blockchain development. Additionally, it offers developers an easy way to create smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). As a result, this setup provides great performance, strong security, and an easy-to-use environment for developers.

<a href="kleverchainvirtualmachine.html"> <img src="kleverchainvirtualmachine.webp" alt=""> <strong> The image showcases the Klever Virtual Machine (KVM) with "KLEVER KVM" and "Klever Virtual Machine" text on the left, along with a "TESTNET" label. The central feature is a transparent, glowing cube with blue light beams intersecting it, set against a dark, high-tech background. decentralized applications, blockchain, developers </strong> </a>

Experience WebAssembly speed, enhanced security, and moreover, a developer-centric toolkit for building the future of decentralized applications on KleverChain.

KleverChain, a high-performance blockchain platform, has launched the KleverChain Virtual Machine (KVM) on TestNet. Consequently, KVM introduces WebAssembly’s speed and powerful tools, accelerating smart contract and dApp development in the Klever ecosystem.

Why This Matters: Transforming the Developer Experience

KVM addresses the challenges of blockchain development with a laser focus on efficiency, security, and intuitiveness:

What You Can Do on the KVM TestNet

Get involved right away and join the first wave of innovation with KVM:

Building Toward the Future: KVM’s Phased Rollout

The TestNet launch begins a strategic two-phase rollout aimed at ensuring rapid progress and providing a refined developer experience.

The Big Picture: KVM and KleverChain’s Strengths

““The Kleverchain Virtual Machine is not just about code execution; it’s a bridge to innovation. For developers, they unlock the door to limitless possibilities, enabling the creation of decentralized applications that reshape industries. For users, they represent trust, transparency, and empowerment, ushering in a new era where transactions are not just secure but seamlessly efficient, paving the way for a truly decentralized future. Welcome to the KleverChain Virtual Machine, where the only limit is your imagination.””

— Eduardo Alex melo dos Santos aka Duka. PM of KleverChain

Join the Journey

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