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User security is our top priority at Klever. Therefore, this week, we’ve made significant strides across all platforms to enhance your safety. Klever Wallet expand new networks and adding advanced security features in KleverSafe, our updates ensure your digital assets are well-protected. Here’s a rundown of our latest progress and future plans.

Klever Wallet

Klever Wallet expand the Solana network, adds the Paybis crypto provider, and offers Custom Network on Android. Furthermore, the platform’s linguistic landscape is expanding with recent Vietnamese, Persian and Turkish translations and more to come. A series of integrations and partnerships are on the anvil, including collaborations with Crypto, Moonpay and Bitrefill. Additionally, the future roadmap includes new networks, blockchain browser support, gamification, referral programs, new staking options, and detailed token insights.
solana blockchain is available in klever wallet

KleverScan and KleverChain

KleverScan’s transformative redesign adopts a Mobile-First Approach, adding a user-friendly Wizard for main contracts, all tested in devNet. The roadmap includes KleverScan becoming Open Source in October 2023, Klever Docs migration and a MultiContract feature flow revamp. Additional features and translations are also in the pipeline, ensuring a comprehensive and multilingual user experience.


KleverSafe has been a hub of activity, launching a new promotional sale campaign and finalizing preparations for the much-anticipated second edition of Crypto Talks on September 27th. On the technological front, the integration of KleverSafe SDK with Klever-OS in Rust is in full swing, alongside the introduction of support. Our users can also anticipate enhanced security features with the upcoming implementation of FIDO U2F and BTC Ordinals support.


the image introduce all the people behind bitcoin.me

Bitcoin.me has been at the forefront, notching up significant milestones. We have successfully rolled out a series of enhancements in Web for Mobile Layout, Security, and Performance, underlining our commitment to delivering a seamless user experience. The platform will soon welcome an array of new tokens: XRP, Aura, and Celestia.

In our pursuit of innovation, we’re in the advanced stages of integrating Trading Bots and unveiling sub-accounts, New LP BTC/USDT, and an optimized Referral Program. Meanwhile, the anticipated Swap Integration is on the horizon, with a target rollout in October 2023. As we approach December 2023, users can look forward to additional features, including a revamped login flow and improvements in ‘Buy for Stake’ functionalities.

It’s an exciting period for the entire Klever ecosystem, with a multitude of updates across all platforms. Your continued support fuels these innovations, and we can’t wait to share more groundbreaking updates soon!