kleverchain blockchain update

We are excited to announce the release of the latest Mainnet Upgrade, KleverChain v1.6.2. Our team at Klever has been hard at work to bring you this significant upgrade, which introduces exciting new features and crucial bug fixes designed to enhance the user experience, functionality, and scalability for validators on the Klever Blockchain.

In this KleverChain update, we’ve added operator options for the current nonce or adding pending transactions, as well as the ability to wait for transaction broadcast results. The Sync Until option has been enhanced with graceful shutdown support for backup proposes.

To streamline the management of multiple contracts, we’re introducing multi-contract API support. Validators will find comprehensive endpoint lists of allowances and an endpoint designed to skip validation for TX Cost calculation proposes.

We’ve improved our AWS integration with the addition of node WS for better scalability and performance. Therefore, our Indexer now includes updates for total staking on freeze/unfreeze operations and an added produced BLS Pubkey.

The KleverChain V1.6.2 Mainnet Upgrade, fixes include a corrected checker for proposal controller initialization, the ability to send with KDAFees even with no KLV funds, and an allowance for the admin address to change KDAFee pool settings.

We’ve also improved unit tests for staking and validators, KDAFee pool E2E, as well as E2E on devnet and testnet, making the system more reliable and efficient.

We’ve scheduled this significant upgrade for epoch 1468, taking place on Monday, July 3, 2023, at 13:00:00 UTC. It’s crucial for validators to update all nodes before this time to avoid potential penalties.

For our valued Mainnet validators, please follow the steps below to complete the upgrade

Download the new config

curl -k https://backup.mainnet.klever.finance/config.mainnet.108.tar.gz | tar -xz -C ./node

Download the new version

docker pull kleverapp/klever-go:v1.6.2-0-g98bee2ea

Stop and remove your current node

docker stop klever-node && docker rm klever-node

Run your node again

docker run -it -d --restart unless-stopped 

    --user "$(id -u):$(id -g)" 

    --name klever-node 

    -v $(pwd)/node/config:/opt/klever-blockchain/config/node 

    -v $(pwd)/node/db:/opt/klever-blockchain/db 

    -v $(pwd)/node/logs:/opt/klever-blockchain/logs 




    '--log-save' '--use-log-view' '--rest-api-interface='

We’re committed to continually improving our technology to offer the best possible experience on our platform. Therefore, the KleverChain V1.6.2 Mainnet upgrade reflects this commitment and represents a significant step forward for the Klever community.

We appreciate your support as we continue to enhance and expand our platform’s capabilities.