kleverNFT Decentralized

Get ready to join the revolution! We’re excited to announce our game-changing move towards complete decentralization, unlocking unprecedented freedom for creators and developers alike. Also, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the decentralization movement, enabling us to better serve the community and empower creators to achieve their goals.

KleverNFT is now decentralized.

KleverNFT will from now on operate as an open space for all collections and creators who wish to create their NFTs on KleverChain.

To fully dedicate ourselves to creating a decentralized platform, we’ll be closing down the KleverNFT launchpad on March 31st, 2023. While we’re proud of the success we’ve helped projects achieve, we believe our focus should be on creating an open marketplace where any project and creator can list on KleverChain.

We’re also slashing fees to just 2%, making it easier than ever for creators to sell their NFTs without worrying about high costs. These fees will cover the costs of maintaining our decentralized platform.

In keeping with our fully decentralized approach, we’ll be removing Rarity Score and filters. While these features were designed to help users find the most valuable NFTs, we need to eliminate any interference from our former team to maintain our decentralized approach. But don’t worry – we’re rolling out new native features to KleverNFT users with further KleverChain upgrades on the main net.

We’re introducing a report collections feature, enabling the community to identify and remove collections violating our platform’s terms of service. So, our dedicated Klever Support Team will analyze reports submitted by users, and in the future, we may even allow KFI holders to vote on collection removal requests.

We will continue supporting the Benefits and Rewards protocol, but only for previous collections that used the KleverNFT Launchpad. We envision a decentralized future and eagerly await the incredible creations our community will bring to life on KleverChain!

KleverChain lets you create your own NFT Collections

Hold on to your hats, folks, because the excitement doesn’t end there! In the coming weeks, we’ll launch a tool for creators to build their own NFT collections directly on KleverChain! This is a game-changer, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

Our aim is to empower creators and artists to showcase their work on the blockchain, without any barriers or limitations. With this new tool, creators will have the freedom to design and create their own NFT collections quickly and easily, while also benefiting from the robust security and scalability of KleverChain.

We commit to making the Klever ecosystem a hub for innovation and creativity; this new tool delivers on that promise. Keep an eye out for more updates, as the tool will be available very soon. We can’t wait to see the amazing NFT collections that you’ll create on KleverChain!

We are excited about these steps toward decentralization and look forward to continuing to support the KleverChain NFT community. Thank you for your continued support.