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Exciting improvements are on the horizon for the Klever community! This year, we’re focusing on perfecting existing features to provide the best possible experience. So buckle up and get ready for the ride!

Focusing on Perfection

We’ve decided to take a different approach this year by focusing on perfecting what they do before adding new features. We’re taking things one step at a time and not setting unrealistic expectations. This decision shows Klever’s dedication to providing its users with the best possible experience.

Significant Updates

Klever’s tireless work has led to significant updates, making your experience faster and more efficient. Specifically, they’ve implemented client-side fetch data on critical pages like validator, assets, and accounts, resulting in a significant speed boost.

New Multi-Contract Feature

We’re introducing a new multi-contract feature to provide the best possible experience for our users. Specifically, this feature will enable users to perform a variety of transactions, including transfers, asset triggers, freezes, unfreezes, and delegations. They’re updating the “create transactions” page to match the latest contracts in the KleverChain update set for 03/06.

Multisign & Verify Signature Feature

We’re developing a Multisign & Verify feature to boost transaction security by allowing users to add new signers. Consequently, these improvements are a significant step towards enhancing the security of transactions on the platform.

Improvements in Explorer Design and Performance

KleverChain Updates

Last week was a big one for KleverChain! They made the new version of KleverChain available to validators and updated the TestNet environment, both of which will take effect on 03/06. Furthermore, KleverChain’s main challenge was ensuring a smooth transition by conducting rigorous back testing to maintain the integrity and security of KleverChain.

KleverChain Roadmap

Looking ahead, the KleverChain roadmap includes the development of new Kapps that will help developers maximize their potential. Additionally, Klever will be updating KleverChain to release 1.5 ahead of its launch in Q2, which will bring new features and important improvements to the ecosystem.

KleverNft.com Pivot & Launch in March

KleverNft.com is set to become a fully decentralized NFT marketplace based on KleverChain technology. This will provide Klever users with even more opportunities to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.

New Project – Minthree

Klever is excited to reveal a new project called Minthree, which will be available at minthree.com starting on March 10th. Furthermore, this project promises to offer exciting new opportunities for Klever users and the crypto community that loves Web3.

Rebranding from Klever Exchange (Klever.io) to become Bitcoin.me

In an effort to align the brand more closely with the cryptocurrency community, Klever Exchange will be rebranding its website from klever.io to bitcoin.me on March 30th.

Swap v2 Improvements

Finally, the launch of Swap v2, which was originally scheduled for the end of February, will be delayed until the end of March due to technical challenges with the extension and mobile integration. Klever’s team is working hard to resolve these issues and deliver a better experience for users.

We’re committed to providing our users with the best possible experience, and the ecosystem’s upcoming updates and features are a testament to that commitment. Specifically, from improvements in performance to new features like multi-contract support and multisign & verify signature, Klever is constantly striving to make the platform more efficient, user-friendly, and secure.

With the upcoming launch of Minthree.com, the release of Klever Chain 1.5, and the rebranding to bitcoin.me, Klever is set to make some big waves in the crypto community in the coming weeks and months.

As always, Klever thanks its users for their patience and support during this time and promises to keep them updated as the platform continues to evolve and grow.

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