KLV Mainnet available at NowPayments

We’re thrilled to announce that NOWPayments, a leading non-custodial crypto payment service, has integrated the KLV (Mainnet) into its expansive list of supported blockchain networks. Therefore, adding KLV (Mainnet) offers opportunities for online businesses, e-commerce stores, and charities to embrace cryptocurrency transactions.

NOWPayments welcomes KLV (Mainnet)

KLV (Mainnet), a native product of the advanced Klever Blockchain (KleverChain), is the latest addition to NOWPayments’ ecosystem. This integration signifies a remarkable stride in the march towards a more inclusive and fluid digital currency landscape. So, harnessing the powerful Klever Blockchain, users can now accept KLV tokens, Klever’s native digital currency, for payments or donations.

The inclusion of KLV (Mainnet) reaffirms NOWPayments’ commitment to supporting an array of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it fosters an environment where businesses and individuals can seamlessly engage in transactions utilizing their preferred digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency Payments Simplified

Since its inception in 2019, NOWPayments has consistently provided a robust and user-friendly platform for digital currency transactions. NOWPayments simplifies incorporating cryptocurrency payments for businesses to a mere copy-paste of HTML code.

A key feature of NOWPayments’ service is its non-custodial nature. This means that the platform does not hold or store your funds, ensuring maximum security for your transactions. Moreover, its repertoire of flexible solutions, like the option to accept payments in many different coins or converting all crypto assets received into your favorite cryptocurrency, makes NOWPayments a versatile and reliable choice for your crypto payment needs.

Expanding E-commerce Opportunities

The addition of KLV (Mainnet) extends new opportunities for businesses that have integrated NOWPayments into their e-commerce platforms. As a result, store owners utilizing Magento 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, WHMCS, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, Ecwid, and other supported platforms can now accept KLV tokens as a payment method, opening up a new revenue stream and expanding their customer base.

The integration also benefits charitable organizations that rely on NOWPayments for raising funds. With the ability to accept KLV tokens, these entities can tap into a global network of Klever users and supporters.

The Way Forward

The integration of KLV (Mainnet) into the NOWPayments ecosystem marks another milestone in the journey towards a more inclusive and diversified digital payment landscape, that is to say, by continuously expanding the range of supported crypto, NOWPayments is paving the way for more businesses and individuals to engage in secure, flexible, and convenient digital transactions.

We celebrate this collaboration with Klever and look forward more milestones in making crypto payments accessible and simple for everyone. Embrace the future of transactions today with NOWPayments and KLV (Mainnet).

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