klever wallet upgradeUser safety is at the heart of everything we do at Klever. As we continually strive to protect your crypto assets and elevate your experience. So, we are pleased to announce the transition from K4 to the advanced K5 wallet.

Important Notice: Upcoming Shutdown of K4 Wallet Versions

We are issuing an important notice regarding the Klever Wallet (K4), specifically for users of version 4.24.14 or earlier on iOS and Android. As part of our dedication to heightened security and a better user experience, we are phasing out these older wallet versions.

Important Date to Remember

February 28, 2024

What This Means for K4 Wallet Users

  • Operational Deadline: The K4 wallet (iOS 4.24.14 or before, and Android 4.24.14 or before) will remain operational until February 28, 2024. After this date, these versions will cease to function.
  • End Customer Support for K4 Versions: We will continue to provide support for these versions until the February 28, 2024 deadline.

Embrace the Future with Klever Wallet Upgrade (K5)

We urge all users of the mentioned versions to do Klever Wallet upgrade (K4) transition to the new and enhanced, K5. Therefore, this upgrade is crucial for maintaining the security of your assets and for accessing our latest features in security and user experience.

Simple Migration Steps

  • Download K5 Wallet: Visit klever.io and download the most recent version compatible with your device.

  • Create a New Wallet: Generate a new wallet using a 24-word recovery phrase for superior security.

  • Migrate Your Funds: Transfer your assets from the K4 wallet to your new K5 wallet with ease.

Elevating Your Security with K5

The new Klever Wallet upgrade (K5) introduces a 24-word recovery phrase, significantly augmenting the security of your funds.

What’s New in Klever Wallet Upgrade (K5)?

  • Innovative Staking Platform: Stay tuned for our new platform, supporting staking for coins like DOT, KSM, ICP, ADA, and REEF. Exciting previews and updates will be shared soon.

  • Seed Security Upgrade: Seeds from K4 versions will become increasingly less secure over time due to a lack of updates. So, we strongly advise upgrading your wallet seeds to the latest format for enhanced protection.

Stay Informed and Supported:

For additional assistance and regular updates, follow us on Twitter @klever_io or visit our support page.

We sincerely thank you for your continued trust and support in Klever. Together, let’s step into a more secure and efficient digital future with Klever Wallet Upgrade K5.