Unstoppable Domains

Klever Wallet K5 continues to empower users by offering access to Unstoppable Domains, enabling seamless acquisition and management of Web3 domains directly within the wallet. Additionally, K5 has integrated Unstoppable Domains, offering users decentralized domain names and simplifying their crypto interactions.

Furthermore, Unstoppable Domains leads the decentralized domain industry by providing blockchain-based domains that offer censorship resistance and simplified crypto transactions. The integration with K5 ensures that acquiring these domains remains simplified and accessible to the growing crypto community.

To claim your free .klever or paid domains within the K5 Wallet, follow the easy tutorial:

This step-by-step guide will walk you through searching for a desired domain name, claiming it for free, and linking it to your MATIC account. To get a free klever domain, choose a name with over eight characters, including both letters and numbers.

Linking More Addresses to Your Domain

Klever Wallet K5 also streamlines the process of linking multiple addresses or coins to your Unstoppable Domain. Ensure you have Polygon Matic for the network fee and follow the tutorial to add more addresses to your domain. This feature enables you to manage various crypto assets under one domain name effortlessly.

By integrating Unstoppable Domains into the K5 marketplace, Klever continues to simplify the Web3 domain acquisition and management process, making it more accessible to the wider crypto community. Moreover, with Klever Wallet K5, users can claim a free klever domain and manage multiple addresses, enhancing their Web3 experience.