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At Klever.org, we prioritize a seamless user interface to ensure an exceptional experience across all our platforms. Our dedicated team is excited to share the latest weekly progress, updates, and future goals, showcasing our continuous commitment to improving and expanding our services. From the Klever Wallet’s new features to ongoing enhancements in KleverChain, Bitcoin.me, and KleverSafe, we aim to provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface for our global community.

Klever Wallet – Enhancements and New Features

Klever Wallet continues its expansion journey, marking another feather in its cap by making its presence felt on the Huawei store. We understand the global nature of the crypto world, and with that in mind, we’re rolling out a plethora of translations to cater to our diverse user base. But our ambitions don’t stop here. Upcoming features, including the OKBC network integration, custom network capabilities, and swap limit order enhancements, are poised to elevate user experiences.

The future gleams with promising ventures, from partnerships with Bitrefill to introducing advanced EVM NFT support and broadening our network base. The world of crypto is vast, and at Klever Wallet, we aim to be more than just a wallet.  Additionally, new swap options available in Klever Wallet

KleverChain – Ongoing Improvement and Expansion

At KleverScan, our dedication towards enhancing user experiences is unwavering. This week has seen the rectification of several bugs, ensuring smoother and more reliable platform interactions. Our users can now leverage an array of newly introduced features, providing deeper insights and enhanced functionalities. But we’re not resting on our laurels. A comprehensive redesign is underway, with a focus on the ‘Mobile First’ approach to cater to our increasing mobile users.

To further simplify the crypto journey for our users, new guiding wizards are in development, aimed at demystifying contract usage. And with upcoming features like the MarketPlace Page, Multisign Center, and more, the potential for growth and exploration is limitless.

Bitcoin.me – Better User Interface

Bitcoin.me Improves User Interface

In the rapidly evolving world of crypto, Bitcoin.me has made notable strides this week. Our platform’s user experience has been significantly elevated thanks to a refreshing layout redesign. But it’s not just about aesthetics; security is paramount, and our enhanced measures ensure our users transact with peace of mind. On the technical front, SEO optimizations are helping us gain greater visibility in the vast crypto landscape. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to governance and AML compliance speaks volumes about our values. As we peer into the horizon, exciting ventures await.

We’re gearing up for crucial integrations with Klever Custody & KOS. For the token enthusiasts among us, XRP and Aura are soon making their debut. Additionally, anticipate innovative features like trading bots, swap integrations, and a fresh liquidity pool, TRX/USDT. And for our global audience, we’re soon rolling out support for German, Swedish, and Russian languages.

KleverSafe – Greater Compatibility and New Features

kleversafe Improves User Interface

KleverSafe is living up to its name, consistently pushing the envelope. This week, we’ve introduced enhanced analytics on our website, providing users with insightful data at their fingertips. Financial transactions have become even more seamless with our integration of a new payment service provider. But it’s not just about digital experiences; our newly conceptualized ‘Crypto Talks’ face-to-face conference is set to offer riveting discussions for crypto enthusiasts. And there’s more on the horizon.

We’re broadening our horizons with the inclusion of the APT coin, and our team is ardently venturing into FIDO1 integration tests, paving the way for fortified security measures. Lastly, a state-of-the-art firmware release is in the works, promising to support an even broader spectrum of coins.

Our commitment to growth and improvement remains unwavering. Stay tuned for more updates, expansions, and improvements across all our platforms.