Save on Crypto Swap Fees with Rewards Points: Klever Wallet’s Innovative Feature
Pay Swap Fees With Rewards Points

Crypto enthusiasts constantly seek ways to reduce crypto swap fees and make their transactions more efficient and cost-effective. The app’s integrated swap functionality allows users to perform near-instantaneous crypto swaps across multiple blockchains. Now, users can pay swap fees with Rewards Points, making transactions even more affordable.

Simplified Crypto Swaps with Integrated Swap Functionality

To reduce crypto swap fees, Klever Wallet introduces an innovative solution by allowing users to offset these costs with Rewards Points earned through the Klever Rewards Hub program. Additionally, traditionally, crypto swaps incur network fees, similar to any other blockchain transaction.

Earn Rewards Points Through the Klever Rewards Hub

The Rewards Hub program incentivizes users to complete various tasks within the wallet, such as sending or receiving tokens, performing swaps, or purchasing crypto. Each task has a limited timeframe, encouraging regular engagement with the wallet’s features. This helps users lower crypto transaction fees over time.

How to Accumulate and Use Rewards Points

Earning Rewards Points is simple. By activating and completing tasks in the Rewards Hub, users accumulate points that can be spent in the Klever Shop. The latest feature also allows users to use these points to reduce swap fees. For example, swapping ETH from the Ethereum network to BTC Bitcoin can be made more economical by using Rewards Points to lower the high Ethereum network fees.

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Klever Wallet’s integrated swap functionality, combined with the Rewards Points system, offers an effective way to simplify crypto swaps and reduce fees. Moreover, this feature highlights Klever Wallet’s commitment to providing value to its users, simplifying crypto transactions and reducing associated fees and making it an essential tool in the crypto space.

Ready to experience seamless and cost-effective crypto swaps? Download the Klever Wallet today and start saving on transaction fees while earning Rewards Points!

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