klever weekly update

Welcome to Klever’s new weekly newsletter, your go-to source for the latest updates across all our divisions. Discover the latest KleverSafe improvements, KleverChain’s new version release, KleverScan’s enhancements, Bitcoin.me’s advancements, and the exciting developments in Klever Wallet. Stay tuned for more innovations and enhancements from Klever!



KleverChain accomplished the release of version 1.5.x to all on epoch 992, which offers improved functionality and ease of use. However, they are facing challenges in ensuring that their developer community has access to necessary information and support.

Therefore, they are committed to providing systematic communication and support to their developer community. The next steps involve focusing on ongoing support for developers and handling any issues that may arise during the transition period.

In the upcoming cycle, KleverChain is set to release an SDK version to the Unity platform and implement improvements to the Operator CLI.


KleverScan accomplished the release of a new version of the ‘create transactions page’ to fit the new contracts released on KleverChain. In the next week, their focus will be on improving the performance and usability of KleverScan. Looking ahead, they are also working on bringing the ITO (Initial Token Offering) Standalone feature inside of KleverScan. Their main goal is to group all of the features together, making it easier for their developer community to use.

Klever Exchange – Bitcoin.me


Klever Exchange, now referred to as Bitcoin.me, accomplished improved performance in trades, events, and order cancellations. They are also in the process of getting approval for proof of reservation by CoinmarketCap. Their next steps involve the release of Buy for Stake and the Liquidity Pool.

The future deadline is to launch Buy for Stake. Bitcoin.me is also continuing to develop the Liquidity Pool.

Klever Wallet

buy crypto in klever wallet

Klever Wallet’s recent accomplishments include finalizing the development of Swap v2 for both mobile and Extension platforms. However, they faced challenges in the process and created a task force to deliver a version for validation by the QA team before launching.

Next steps include homologating Swap v2, restarting a sprint with unfinished demands, and adding new features and coins. The upcoming deadline is the launch of Swap.


kleversafe improvements

KleverSafe improvements this week include enhancing the FAQ section on their website and establishing a press release system for better communication. They have also improved their stock capacity, and their next steps include releasing KleverSafe stores on Facebook and Instagram, releasing a firmware update webpage, improving chain and token support, and enhancing the quality assurance process.

They are set to launch a promotional sale campaign in March. Additionally, KleverSafe has increased their manpower and optimized their production processes, resulting in a good stock level that allows for quick shipping of new orders.