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User security is our top priority at Klever. This week, we’re excited to share updates designed to enhance your safety and improve your experience across all platforms. From new features in Klever Wallet to advanced security measures in KleverSafe, here’s a look at our latest accomplishments and future goals.

Klever Wallet: Pushing the Envelope

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The Klever Wallet team has been buzzing with activity. We’ve successfully transitioned our newly developed translations into the testing phase, marking a significant step in our aim to provide a globally inclusive platform. Furthermore, the integration of the OKBC testnet network into our ecosystem has also reached its evaluation phase, a promising addition for our users.

Upcoming Enhancements

Our to-do list is bustling with exciting developments! We are ironing out kinks and elevating our platform’s performance while expanding our linguistic outreach with translations in numerous global languages. We’re also thrilled to welcome Paybis, offering users a new avenue to procure crypto. The integration of the APTOS network is another promising addition users should anticipate.

Future Roadmap

As we gear up for an exciting future, users can expect a myriad of features. From gamification and referral systems to an extended list of staking options, the horizon looks promising. Additionally, with enhanced browser support for various blockchains and upgrades in wallet functionalities, we’re confident in providing unparalleled experiences.

KleverScan: A Hub of Refinements and Novelties

Key Fixes

We’ve responded to the feedback loop, leading to several bug rectifications to enhance the user experience. Among them are a series of transaction-related tweaks and interface improvements.

Innovative Additions

We will grow KleverScan’s market presence with the launch of our comprehensive Market Place Page. Additionally, For our developer community, the Encoding Converter Page has been enriched with new functionalities. Finally, we have integrated an intelligent theme system to enhance user personalization.

On the up and coming

Our future trajectory involves launching the Multisign Center, pivoting KleverScan towards a mobile-first design philosophy, and introducing a guided tool for contract navigation. Further down the line, users can anticipate a richer KleverScan with many upcoming features. Stepping Up the Game

Liquidity Pools - TRX/USDT on


Achievements Galore

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the various improvements we’ve introduced, spanning layout, security, and performance. Furthermore, the introduction of the TRX/USDT pool and integrations with Klever Custody and KOS mark significant milestones. We’ve also unveiled the “Hot Assets and Tokens Prices” section and updated our terms of service. Linguistic expansions are ongoing, ensuring a more inclusive platform.

What Lies Ahead

From token listings to new feature integrations like trading bots and sub-accounts, our roadmap is packed. Additionally, the introduction of the new LP BTC/USDT is something users should keep an eye out for.

Toward the Future

With major integrations and launches scheduled for the last quarter of 2023, the future looks bright and promising for users.

KleverSafe: Secure, Steadfast, and Innovative


Noteworthy Accomplishments

KleverSafe is on a roll! Our expansion efforts have resulted in the inclusion of new coins such as Altair, Centrifuge, Kilt, and Shiden, broadening our portfolio.

Immediate Endeavors

The BTC Ordinals support is set to get a boost, while the excitement builds for our face-to-face conference, Crypto Talks, scheduled at the end of August.

Calendar Highlights

We promise a firmware update in September, while we will introduce FIDO U2F support in October, further strengthening our platform’s security.

Our commitment to growth and improvement remains unwavering. Stay tuned for more updates, expansions, and improvements across all our platforms.

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