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In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, Klever remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet our users’ growing needs. This week, we’re excited to share some important accomplishments and Klever improvements, along with our future plans in the Klever ecosystem.

Our journey this week with KleverChain, KleverSafe, Klever Wallet, and Bitcoin.me is marked by a series of improvements, innovations, and the consistent pursuit of excellence.

Klever Wallet

klever wallet

In our continuous quest to enhance user experience, we’ve made improvements to Swap and Staking. Our roadmap includes integrating Celestia and Cosmos networks, as well as adding the custom network functionality. We’re also planning to provide support for SUI, APTOS, and OKX networks and enhance our analytics capabilities.



This week, we have been exploring new territories. We created a game example using Unity SDK and set up the KleverChain VM. Furthermore, our API has improved with the addition of blocks signed on the validator. As we step into the future, we look forward to our new Klever MainNet update, the creation of a websocket for some API calls, enhancements to the Operator CLI Visualization, and the development of Custom Kapps and KleverChain VM.


Klever Improvements on bitcoin.me - trading competition klv/usdt

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Liquidity Pool DVK/USDT and Trade Competition – KLV/USDT. We’ve also resolved the ETH deposit issue and made some key responsive layout improvements. We’ve added support for Portuguese and Spanish, and plan to include French and Russian soon. Bitcoin.me future milestones involve integration with Klever Kustody and KOS, launch of several new Liquidity Pools, and integration with Cosmos and Celestia.



We’re thrilled to announce that KleverSafe now supports Cosmos. Our preliminary tests for FIDO2 support are showing promising results and we’ve also launched a promotional sales campaign. Upcoming milestones include support for Celestia, SUI, a new firmware release, and a new communication driver for improved performance. Additionally, we’re working on custom support for Cosmos-based and Substrate-based networks.

So, that’s all for this week. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing more updates with you in our next newsletter.