weekly update: KleverScan further in Customer Experience

Customer experience is a top priority at Klever. In this update, we delve into our latest efforts to enhance security, innovate features, and ensure a seamless and safe customers experience. Discover how Klever strives to protect your crypto assets while continually improving our platform.

Klever Wallet

sell crypto for fiat in klever wallet with a better customer experience

Klever Wallet continues to improve, with recent updates fixing known bugs and expanding language options, including Ukrainian. The development team is setting their sights on further translations, with Arabic, Swedish, and Japanese on the horizon. Quality testing of the Cardano network, customer experience enhancements, and gamification elements are also in the pipeline. Looking ahead, the wallet will support additional networks like Acala, Karura, and more, revamp its user interface, and introduce new staking options for various cryptocurrencies.

KleverChain & KleverScan

KleverScan’s recent update has enhanced the customer experience by introducing mobile tooltips and automatic user notifications for server issues. KleverScan set to improve its interface further, focusing on mobile compatibility and adding a KDA filter to the transactions chart. The platform’s roadmap includes an overhaul of the MultiContract feature and a comprehensive guide to help users navigate main contracts and signature pages.

Klever Electronics
KleverSafe: better customer experience

KleverSafe has achieved significant milestones, successfully integrating support for ADA and the Celestia mainnet (New Device Update coming soon). The FIDO U2F feature is now entering the quality assurance phase. The team is also focusing on releasing a new firmware update that incorporates this security feature. The upcoming period will see a new batch of KleverSafe products ready for sale. Future plans include developing a new crypto payment system that supports multiple chains and launching a revamped landing page for KleverSafe.


Tell us on our Twitter X page Bitcoin.me has made significant strides in improving its web interface for mobile users and tightening its operational controls. The platform is preparing to launch new tokens like XRP, Aura, and Dot, and integrate new features such as a swap function, a more streamlined login process, internal transfers, and a referral program. These updates are expected to roll out gradually over the coming months, enhancing customer experience and expanding functionality.

Web & Design

The Web and Design team has been industrious, rolling out new designs for Wallet Developers and Individual landing pages, improving post previews, and introducing a new Sitemap navigator. The design of Klever Hub has been finalized, along with adjustments to wallet creation workflows. Also, we have directed efforts at enhancing the brand’s SEO standing and preparing for marketing pushes with influencers.

It’s an exciting period for the entire Klever ecosystem, with a multitude of updates across all platforms. Your support fuels these innovations, and we can’t wait to share more of Klever’s innovative weekly updates with you soon!