User experience and security is our mission at Klever. So, this week, we’re excited to share our latest updates and future plans, all aimed at enhancing your crypto security and experience. Dive in to see what’s new in Klever Wallet, KleverSafe and KleverChain advancements and more!

Klever Wallet

Last week, Klever made significant strides in language support by adding Korean, Polish, Chinese, and Russian. But that’s not all. Integrations like the Moonpay offramp and the SELF partnership, both launched on October 10th, highlight the wallet’s focus on user-friendly features. After that, you can expect more updates, including additional translations, Cardano network support, and exciting improvements in gamification and user experience.

klever wallet


KleverChain advancements has made significant in API development. Enhancements include an improved node/aggregate proxy endpoint and a scroll API for easier allowlist pagination, both aimed at enhancing the user experience. The team continues to advance, with KleverChain Docs set to migrate in October and Mainnet v1.6.4 scheduled for release in November. After that, they plan to focus on visualization and launch the KleverChain VM on TestNET by January 2024.



In an affirmation of its ingenuity, KleverSafe received governmental approval in the merit phase funding. Technologically, the addition of the Cardano elliptic curve indicates a deeper integration into various blockchain ecosystems. Additionally, the third edition of Crypto Talks is set for October 18th. Looking ahead, the roadmap includes multiple firmware releases, the much-anticipated ADA support, and seamless integration efforts with Klever-OS in Rust.



For Bitcoin.me, this week focused on enhancing user touchpoints. With improvements to the mobile layout and heightened security measures, the platform is committed to offering a seamless experience. The listing of the “Self” token is just the beginning. The near future will bring a host of new token listings, as well as, an integrated swap feature and advanced tools like trading bots and sub-accounts, all designed to simplify and enrich the user experience in the crypto world.

It’s an exciting period for the entire Klever ecosystem, with numerous updates across all platforms. Your continued support drives these innovations, and we can’t wait to share more groundbreaking updates soon!