klever.orgIn today’s digital world, user security is our top priority at Klever. Discover how we’re pioneering advancements to safeguard your online assets and privacy. Dive into our latest updates like advances in KleverScan, Klever Wallet, KleverSafe and more.

Klever Wallet

Klever Wallet is redefining user experience with several translations now in testing, including Korean, Polish, Russian, and Chinese. The integration with [HIDDEN] is also in the test phase, along with the promising [HIDDEN] integration. Upcoming features and integrations include multiple language translations, the [HIDDEN] card partnership, gamification, and referral processes. Moreover, the Cardano network is coming up next!

This images say that you can sell crypto for fiat in klever wallet.
The future looks bright with planned improvements to push notifications, the notification center, and a refreshed balance screen. Expansions are also underway with the inclusion of several networks such as Acala, Karura, Altair, and more. Furthermore, users can anticipate new blockchain support for browsers and new staking options like DOT, KSM, ICP, ETH, and REEF.
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KleverScan & KleverChain

Advances in KleverScan flaunts a fresh redesign optimized for mobile-first users. Not only is this version more visually appealing, but it’s also faster. Users will appreciate features like a quick pop-up search and a smart search toolbar. The platform has also incorporated a Wizard to aid users in understanding main contracts, whether creating tokens, NFTs, or configuring ITO.

Dive in and explore the new look at Kleverscan.org. We’re steering towards migrating Klever Docs, open-sourcing KleverScan, refining the MultiContract feature flow, and introducing a Portuguese translation in October 2023. After that, users can expect more translations, a guide for main contracts, and the introduction of the Sign Message and KleverChain Guide pages.

 Advances in KleverScan


KleverSafe is all set to host its third edition of Crypto Talks on October 18th. The forward path includes the release of a new firmware supporting the latest coins and the much-awaited ADA support. We’re also integrating the KleverSafe SDK with Klever-OS in Rust. A significant future development is the FIDO U2F support, promising enhaned scurity for users.
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Bitcoin.me celebrates yet another successful week with major improvements in mobile web layout, security, and performance. A standout feature is the “Buy for Stake” market buy. In the pipeline, users can look forward to the integration of tokens like XRP, Aura, and Celestia, along with the anticipated swap integration, trading bots, sub-accounts, a new LP BTC/USDT, and the referral program. Crucial deadlines are also set for October and December 2023, which encompass various integrations and the new login flow.
It’s an exciting period for the entire Klever ecosystem, with a multitude of updates across all platforms. Your continued support fuels these innovations, and we can’t wait to share more groundbreaking updates soon!