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At Klever, user security is our top priority. Therefore, discover our latest updates, ongoing projects, and future plans dedicated to protecting your digital assets and personal information, like Klever Wallet, KleverScan, KleverSafe, bitcoin.me advances and more.

Klever Wallet

Klever Wallet focuses on bug fixes and improvements. The Custom Network feature is under review in the Apple Store. Meanwhile, the team is working on integrating multiple new translations, Offramp with Moonpay, partnerships, and features like gamification and referral. The future is bright with new network integration, enhanced user features, expanded blockchain support, and upcoming staking options.

New languages support in Klever Wallet: english, deutsch, portugues, italian, nederlands, roman, fillipino, français, espanhol, bahasa indonesia, turkçe.


KleverChain experienced noteworthy progress with the creation of several new APIs, including MultiSign API, and the ongoing development of KleverChain VM. The team also worked on WebSocket, creating an Ansible script for private networks and fixing issues on Proxy. The roadmap for October 2023 includes improvements on the Operator CLI Visualization, with MAINNET V1.6.4 scheduled for November and the launch of Custom Kapps and KleverChain VM on TestNET in December 2023.


This week, KleverSafe successfully conducted the second edition of Crypto Talks on September 27th and integrated support. Also, the team is gearing up for the next steps, including releasing new firmware supporting the latest coins and integrating the KleverSafe SDK with Klever-OS in Rust. Deadlines on the horizon feature FIDO U2F support and ADA support.


bitcoin.me advances

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Bitcoin.me advances with web improvements for layout, security and mobile performance. Furthermore, The platform will integrate XRP, Aura, and Celestia, develop Swap Integration, and offer Trading Bots for users. Key deadlines include: Swap Integration and, also, Buy for Stake improvements in October 2023, with more developments planned for December 2023.

It’s an exciting period for the entire Klever ecosystem, with a multitude of updates across all platforms. Your continued support fuels these innovations, and we can’t wait to share more groundbreaking updates soon!