klever weekly update

As we conclude another productive week at Klever, we reflect on our significant achievements, ongoing developments, and future plans aimed at enhancing user experience across all projects. Check out.

KleverScan – User Experience Upgrades and Future Plans

KleverScan focused on enhancing user experience by implementing several improvements, such as adding a copy button for asset ID, an Asset Pool tab, a contract list filter by buyType, and displaying the build version on the footer. The team is refining the Create Transaction Page, Verify Signature Page, and developing a search tool for validators.

KleverScan will soon launch a Mobile First redesign, integrate with KleverNFT, and introduce a Multisign Center and contract usage wizard.

KleverChain – Asset Management and Performance Growth


KleverChain made significant progress by creating an Asset Management System, an internal workspace for asset management, new Kapp Context Flow, and improved API calls to support KleverScan. They plan to enhance Operator CLI Visualization, create a Unity SDK game example, and refactor Kapp Contracts.

In terms of performance, KleverChain saw a 73% increase in new addresses and a 974% rise in transactions during March.

Klever Wallet – New Features and Upcoming Improvements

klever wallet

Klever Wallet successfully introduced Claim FPR, Feature Suggestions, paid .klever domains through Unstoppable Domains, and currencies for iOS. Additionally, the team is now focusing on analytics, KleverSafe fixes, and swap fixes and improvements. In the future, users can look forward to the launch of TRON Stake 2.0, paying fees with KDA inside the app, Moonriver network, Moonbeam network, translations, and currencies for Android.

Klever Swap – Expansion and Future Support

Klever Swap listed JST, BTT, USDD, DXB; completed Swap Bridge and Rewards; testing “YOU GET” based quotations. The upcoming listings include SHIB, SAND, ENJ, and USDC, alongside increased liquidity, a new Swap Admin, and improved Swap Insights algorithm.

Klever Swap will also support more networks (LTC, DOGE, DASH, BCH, BSC) and release Swap Web and Swap Admin.

KleverSafe – Performance Enhancements and Roadmap Review

KleverSafe improved its low-level communication driver performance, updated its online store content, and refined the firmware update webpage. The team plans to review the KleverSafe roadmap, add staking and swapping support for KleverSafe accounts on K5 Wallet app, and release the KleverSafe store on Twitter. Additionally, crypto payments through Nuvei will soon be introduced.


Bitcoin.me – Liquidity Pool, Rebrand, and New Listings

Bitcoin.me conducted internal phase tests for the Liquidity Pool, improved performance, completed Phase 1 preparations for the rebrand, and listed DXB/USDT, KFI/USDT, KFI/BTC, and DXB/KLV. The team plans to release the Liquidity Pool and rebrand soon.

Also, other future developments include new project listings, trade competitions, project releases on Buy For Stake, integration with Klever Cryptobanking, and support for new networks.

Klever continues to showcase remarkable progress across all projects, enhancing user experience, expanding offerings, and preparing for future developments.

Stay tuned for more updates from KleverScan, KleverChain, Klever Wallet, KleverSafe, Klever.