kleverchain blockchain update

Get ready for the highly anticipated Upcoming KleverChain MainNet Update v1.6.1! Specifically, it will revolutionize transaction mapping, enhance node redundancy, and streamline Bugsnag monitoring. Key improvements include fixing ITO indexing, refining API functionalities, and ensuring seamless FPR management. Additionally, update your nodes by Epoch 1196 to maintain network integrity and enjoy a smoother, more robust KleverChain ecosystem. So, don’t miss out on these exciting advancements!

Prepare for the Upcoming KleverChain MainNet Update v1.6.1

Anticipated Improvements to Transaction Mapping and Indexing

The KleverChain team will release MainNet update v1.6.1, which will improve transaction mapping by associating transaction receipts with contract indexes. Moreover, this will allow for more efficient tracking of transactions on the blockchain. Additionally, the update will index KDA Pool FPR and Asset ID with ITO information, streamlining the tracking process for Initial Token Offerings (ITOs).

Expected Enhancements to Node Redundancy and Bugsnag Monitoring

The KleverChain team will release MainNet update v1.6.1 to add node redundancy levels into the API, ensuring nodes have greater resilience and stability in case of network issues. This update will also introduce monitor list filtering for Bugsnag reports, enabling developers to better identify and address potential issues in the system.

Addressing Issues for Improved Performance

Upcoming Fixes for ITO Indexing, API, and FPR

The team will release the v1.6.1 update to address several issues, including fixing ITO indexing, resolving Indexer pool with failed transactions, and correcting the API KDA fee ratio. Additionally, the team will resolve the FPR bucket unfreeze validation, ensuring the correct operation of FPR bucket management.

Planned APR Claim Resolution for Large Buckets

The upcoming update will also fix the APR claim for large buckets, ensuring that users can claim their rewards without any issues.

Mandatory Update for Nodes by Epoch 1196

Preventing Forks and Validator Jailing

It is crucial that nodes are updated by Epoch 1196 (approx. 04/26/2023 13:00pm UTC). Moreover, this mandatory update ensures that nodes can fork, and validators are not possibly jailed, maintaining the integrity and security of the KleverChain ecosystem.

Validators can now upgrade

Download new config: curl -k https://backup.mainnet.klever.finance/config.mainnet.108.tar.gz | tar -xz -C ./node
Download new version: docker pull kleverapp/klever-go:v1.6.1-0-ge02785d3
Stop and remove your current node: docker stop klever-node && docker rm klever-node

Run your node again:

docker run -it -d --restart unless-stopped 
    --user "$(id -u):$(id -g)" 
    --name klever-node 
    -v $(pwd)/node/config:/opt/klever-blockchain/config/node 
    -v $(pwd)/node/db:/opt/klever-blockchain/db 
    -v $(pwd)/node/logs:/opt/klever-blockchain/logs 
    '--log-save' '--use-log-view' '--rest-api-interface='