We’re excited to share some fantastic updates from our various brands, showcasing our dedication to continuous improvement and our commitment to delivering the best possible user experience. Betwwen them, Klever Wallet and Bitcoin.me Improved overall performance, KleverChain optimize performance and user interaction and more.

We appreciate your continued support as we work hard to innovate and provide exceptional products and services.


KleverScan, the advanced blockchain explorer, made significant strides in improving site performance and user experience this week.

Improve Performance on the Overall Site

Site performance was enhanced to provide a smoother and more efficient browsing experience for users.

UX Improvements

KleverScan implemented several user experience enhancements, including:

  • Changing the extension button to “Show Wallet”

  • Adding a copy button for asset ID on the assets page

  • Introducing Asset Pool as a tab on the Asset page

  • Incorporating a filter on the assets page to display only tokens or NFTs

Next Steps

KleverScan plans to further improve its functionality by:

  • Verifying signatures

  • Creating transaction shortcuts on the home page

Upcoming Deadlines

KleverScan has set upcoming goals, such as:

  • Redesigning KleverScan using a Mobile First Approach

  • Adding multisign support

  • Developing a wizard to guide users on using the main contracts

KleverChain – Blockchain Infrastructure


KleverChain, the underlying blockchain infrastructure that powers the Klever ecosystem, made several improvements in API calls to optimize performance and user interaction.

Improvements in API Calls to Improve Performance

KleverChain made several API call enhancements, including:

  • Creating a TX list filter for “buyType”

  • Adding an ‘order’ query in the asset holders list

  • Introducing a minify option on blocks and transaction list API calls

  • Establishing an available KDA pools list endpoint

  • Updating documentation for KDA Pool, Config ITO, and FPR for better understanding

Next Steps

KleverChain’s upcoming developments include:

  • Improving the Operator CLI Visualization

  • Launching the Unity SDK

  • Designing the new KApps architecture

Additional Notes

From March 13th to March 19th, KleverChain experienced significant growth:

  • New Addresses: 412 (Growth of 71% compared to the previous week)

  • Transactions: 149,014 (Growth of 72% compared to the previous week)

Bitcoin.me – Crypto Exchange Platform



Bitcoin.me, the innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform, made significant progress this week with new features and performance improvements.

  • Bitcoin.me Improved overall performance

  • Completed coding of the Liquidity Pool feature and began internal testing

  • Launched the Buy For Stake feature with the pre-sale of the DXB token

Next Steps

  • Release the Liquidity Pool

  • Launch the rebrand

  • Improve the Public Trade API

Future Deadlines

  • Launch the Liquidity Pool

Klever Wallet – Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

klever wallet


Klever Wallet, the versatile and secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet, launched Swap 2 in the K5 wallet for Android and iOS this week.

  • Launched Swap 2 in K5 wallet for Android and iOS

Next Steps

  • UX improvements for the balance screen and swap features

  • Bug fixes throughout the app

Future Deadlines

  • Launch TRON Stake 2.0

  • Launch Claim FPR

  • Integrate Moonriver network

  • Integrate Moonbeam network

  • Implement additional translations

KleverSafe – Hardware Wallet and Security Solutions



KleverSafe, the cutting-edge hardware wallet and security solutions provider, made significant progress by launching various marketing initiatives and improving software tools.

  • Conducted a sales campaign for World Consumer Day

  • Enabled staking for KleverSafe accounts on the K5 Wallet app

  • Improved software tools for KleverSafe production

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing more exciting news and achievements in the coming weeks. Stay connected with Klever for the latest updates and developments!