weekly news: KleverSafe advances in user security

User security is our top priority at Klever. Therefore, this week, we’ve introduced groundbreaking features and enhancements aimed at safeguarding your assets and data. Discover the latest updates, projects, and plans as we enhance user safety and functionality across our platforms.

Klever Wallet

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This week, Klever Wallet launched the Celestia Mainnet on Android, with the iOS version currently under review.

The platform has also seen an array of bug fixes and improvements, ensuring a smoother user security and experience. Moreover, upcoming features include Arabic, Swedish, and Japanese translations, Cardano network integration, and enhancements to wallet creation, transaction list, and crypto purchases.

Future plans include integrating Acala, Karura, Altair, Centrifuge, Kilt, and Shiden, new balance and portfolio interfaces, and new staking opportunities.

KleverChain & KleverScan

KleverScan has been updated to version 2.2.0 and enhances Wizards with an extension connect button and a checkbox for immediate ITO start times. Bug fixes addressed issues with asset triggers, proposal displays, and market ID order displays.

Upcoming improvements include better mobile experience, word-break support in icon tooltips, and a KDA filter on the Daily Transactions chart. Further, the platform will add Portuguese language support and launch a Buyorders page on the MarketPlace with user guides.

Klever Electronics
KleverSafe - advances in user security

KleverSafe has reached a new milestone with the introduction of FIDO U2F support, marking a significant step forward in user security. This week also saw the integration of ADA support and Celestia mainnet, expanding the platform’s capabilities.
The team is preparing new firmware with FIDO U2F support and the next Crypto Talks for CIOs on November 22nd. Subsequently, KleverSafe is preparing a new production batch for sale and developing a multichain crypto payment system.

Additionally, a new KleverSafe landing page is planned, focusing on enhancing user security, accessibility, and experience.


Bitcoin.meBitcoin.me has achieved significant milestones, notably the successful execution of the KLV Buy & Hodl campaign, which garnered substantial participation and highlighted the community’s trust and engagement.

With a mobile-first approach, the platform has significantly improved user experience, meeting the evolving needs of its growing user base. This shift to mobile optimization highlights Bitcoin.me’s commitment to a seamless and accessible trading experience.

The platform’s overall growth, both in terms of its user base and trading capabilities, reflects its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of traders, reinforcing its position as a leading player in the crypto trading world.

Web & Design

Klever’s Web and Design team finalized designs for various platforms, including KleverSafe order details and the staking web page by coin. Integration tests for buying KleverSafe with Swap are nearly complete.

They have also updated the Create Wallet documentation, finished its design, and are working on a Create flow without a 24-word seed to enhance user safety and experience. For extensions, the Create & Restore flow design is progressing well. SEO efforts include publishing articles on Medium, enhancing Klever’s presence on Quora, creating new Wallet x Coin pages on klever.io, and developing a link-building strategy.

It’s an exciting time for the Klever ecosystem, with numerous updates across all platforms. Your continued support fuels these innovations, and we can’t wait to share more groundbreaking updates soon!